I Wish A Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year My Dears!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2022
I wish 2022 to be much more peaceful and healthy than the previous year.

We survived a year with the coronavirus pandemic and the health problems, economic and social problems it created. We heard a lot of sad news in 2021. Our loved ones have fallen ill or passed away. I hope this year will be a very different and happy year. I am entering my 21st year as an otolaryngologist in my professional life and now there are many people I love. Every year I meet people from different countries and I love you all. I don't want any of you to be sick or unhappy. Let it be a year in which no one is in a difficult situation, there are no earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, there are no floods, the nature is not polluted, trees are not cut down and animals are not slaughtered. I sincerely congratulate each of you and your loved ones on the new year. I send greetings and love from Istanbul to all of you.

I found a very nice video on YouTube with the summary and memorable events of 2021 and added it below. There are many sad events, I hope we don't see them again.

2021 Remixed ! (Year review by Cee-Roo) - Cee-Roo - YouTube

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