Blog Page 2 - World Health Organization (WHO) Launches "hearWHO Application"

World Health Organization (WHO) Developed a Mobile and Web Based Software Application "hearWHO"!

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March every year. The 2019 theme was 'Check Your Hearing!'. To continue with this year's theme, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a mobile and web-based software application to facilitate hearing check (for hearing screening). The purpose of the application is to facilitate hearing check, especially at low resource settings. hearWHO is designed to be used by people aged 18 and over, so it cannot be used in children.

Early detection of hearing loss is very important for effective rehabilitation. To ensure that hearing loss is recognized as early as possible, all people, especially those with a high risk of hearing loss, should occasionally check their hearing. It often involves people over 60 years of age who listen to loud music, work in noisy places, use drugs that are harmful to hearing.

This category includes:
  • People who often listen to loud music
  • Employees in noisy places
  • Those who use drugs that are harmful to hearing
  • Over 60 years old
Maybe it is a nice application that can not be applied to the health institution due to socioeconomic conditions and can be used by patients with suspected hearing loss.

For more information visit the World Health Organization website:

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