"How Can Nose Tip Drooping Appear After Septoplasty?" - Turkish Video

Areas of curvature in the nose septal cartilage are removed during the deviation operation. Each of the nasal cartilages has its own unique tasks and features.

As seen in the photo during the surgery, it is necessary to protect the lower cartilage area at least 10 mm wide and the upper right cartilage area 10 mm wide (at least 10 mm wide cartilage area in the form of "L"). Apart from this area, the newly corrected cartilage can be inserted from the nebulization site, or it is ideal to leave the larger and larger cartilage area in place (i.e., the primary is the preservative and minimally traumatic operation).

If the caudal septum part of the nasal septum, which is one of the most important supporting tissues of the nasal type region (nasal type region), is completely removed, the nasal softens and the caudal septum region, that is, the support of the caudal septum region where the finger tip can be buried upwards as seen in the videor It can be understood that there is no tissue. In this case, with aging, it is easy to notice that the nose tip is moving downward faster than normal, sagging and enlarging at the tip of the nose when laughing, and gradually increasing nasal congestion.

Nose surgery is needed to reconstruct the nasal support tissue by using the remaining septum cartilage, rib cartilage, or ear lug cartilage in patients with prolapse and downward nose after nose operations.

Link to find detailed information about "Nasal Tip Ptosis After Septoplasty - Nasal Tip Drooping After Septoplasty Operation - Open Technique Nose Tip Lifting - Dropped Tip After a Septoplasty Operation - Droopy Tip Nose Following Nasal Septum Deviation Operation":

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