Rhinoplasty Without Breaking Bone Video

Example of Nose Aesthetics Without Cutting or Breaking the Nasal Bone

Video description: Limited hum reduction + nose tip plasty operation was performed on the patient with drooping nose tip and limited amount of nasal hump image. Open technique was used and you can find the patient's pre- and post-operative images above.

In Which Patients Can Rhinoplasty Operation Be Performed Without Breaking or Cutting the Nasal Bone?

This technique is suitable for selected patients. Here, the patient's nasal bone should not be prominent and the nasal bone should not be excessively wide. In patients with wide and slanting eye structure, hump reduction alone may cause the flat appearance of the nose to become more pronounced. This technique is suitable for patients who have a small amount of arch and drooping nasal tip, and whose nasal bone is not very wide. After this surgical procedure, since the nasal bone is not cut and broken, the change in facial expression is very limited when viewed from the front.

Perhaps the most worrying part of nasal aesthetic surgery is the practice to be done with the nasal bones. When nasal aesthetic surgeries are performed, different techniques can be performed such as nasal rasping, planned nasal bone fracture (osteotomy), age tree fracture and nasal bone collapse according to the facial ratios of each patient and the condition of the nasal bone.

It is not always necessary to shrink the nasal bones by breaking them in patients who do not have too many nose arches and the nasal bone is not very large.

Nasal aesthetic surgeries are specially planned for the person.

Micromotor System and Ultrasonic Device Can Reduce the Amount of Trauma in Hump Reduction!

New technologies reduce the risk of tissue trauma in rhinoplasty operations. By using tungsen structure, cylindrical or oval shaped tour tips called micro motor or micro drill, limited and desired amount of reduction in the nasal bone can be done much more easily. With Ultrasonic Device or Piezo technique, bone cutting and limited amount of bone tissue removal can be done with much less trauma. I generally prefer to use the micromotor system in a limited amount of nasal bone reduction.

Can Nose Aesthetics Without Broken Bone Be Optional in Patients?

The technique I have shared with you here can be preferred in suitable patients and after your nose is evaluated by your doctor. As I mentioned above, in patients with a very wide nose structure, hump reduction alone may not be a good choice and it may be necessary to narrow the nasal bone by cutting it from the sides. The best choice in this regard is to talk to the patient face to face with the rhinoplasty simulation program and decide accordingly.

Advantages of Nose Aesthetics Without Broken Bone Compared to Classical Rhinoplasty

The advantages of rhinoplasty, which is performed without breaking or cutting the nasal bone, compared to the classical rhinoplasty operation, can be listed as follows:

Limited Amount of Change in Facial Expression!

In this operation, since the nasal bone does not change when viewed from the front, the expression between the eyes remains almost the same. However, when the hump reduction is done excessively, the nasal bone may appear slightly wider. When nnose tip lifting or nose tip plasty is applied to the tip of the nose, the nose may appear shorter from the front. Compared to the classical nose blower, it is preferred by patients because of the limited amount of facial expression changes.

Faster Recovery Time

In classical rhinoplasty operations, nasal bone fracture is responsible for most of the bruising and edema seen on the face and under the eyes. In other words, when the nasal bone is cut (osteotomy) or broken, bruises under the eyes and face edema occur due to bleeding from the bone fracture lines. When a limited amount of trauma is applied to the nasal bone, it is natural to have less bruising and swelling.

Less Pain!

Although each person's pain threshold is different, it is natural for patients to feel less pain because the nasal bones are not broken or cut, the skin on the nasal bone is removed with a limited amount of dissection, and the surgical procedure is smaller. Rhinoplasty is not a very painful operation, but rhinoplasty operation performed without breaking the bone is a less painful surgical procedure.

Less Risk of Complications!

Since the nasal bone is not broken, the risk of slipping or dilating the bone lamellae, collapse or deformation of the nasal bone is much less.

Lower Operation Fee

The duration of the rhinoplasty operation, which is performed without breaking or cutting the bone, is shorter, and accordingly, the total operation cost is generally less than the classical rhinoplasty operation.

The Disadvantages of Nose Aesthetics Without Bone Fracture Compared to Classical Rhinoplasty

The disadvantages of rhinoplasty, which is performed without breaking or cutting the nasal bone, can be listed as follows compared to the classical rhinoplasty operation:

Suitable For Selected Patients Only

Nose aesthetic operation, which is performed without breaking or cutting the bone, is planned only for suitable patients. It may not be an ideal technique in patients with arched and wide noses, large facial structure and slanting eye features, and patients with deviated or crooked nose deformities.

Hump ​​Reduction Can Only Be Done In A Limited Amount Without Bone Fracture!

During nasal hump reduction, when the nasal roof is opened, bilateral osteoromies are made and the roof is closed. If the roof of the nose is left open, a situation called "open roof deformity", the emergence of direct inflammation between the skin on the back of the nose and the nasal cavity can be seen. may occur (due to callus formation and limited bone re-production).

For Deviated, Twisted or Crooked Noses, "Nose Aesthetics Without Broken Bone" Is Not Appropriate!

In patients whose nose light line is curved from the front or asymmetrical, this asymmetrical appearance may increase after arch reduction alone. In these patients, it is ideal to perform a classical rhinoplasty operation, which includes a planned cutting and displacement of the nasal bones. In patients with Deviated, Twisted or Crooked Nose Deformity, even if classical rhinoplasty and bone fracture ischemia; Achieving full millimetric symmetry may not always be possible with a single operation. In these patients, hump reduction alone may cause the nasal bone to appear more crooked from the front, and although there is a limited amount of surgical trauma; It is not an appropriate technique.

Wide Noses May Cause Wider and Flat Nose Shape

In people with Asian nose features and a wide nasal bone, reduction of the nasal bridge alone can result in a nasal structure that appears wide when viewed from the front, resulting in a "flat nose" appearance. Normally, the reason for performing naal dorsum augmentation during Asian Nose Aesthetic Operation is to obtain a thinner-looking nasal roof when viewed from the front. Reduction of this arch area alone is not suitable for patients with Asian Nose features. In these patients, in the aesthetic nose operations normally performed, the nasal bones are cut from the sides and the nasal bone is narrowed.

Nose Aesthetics Without Cutting or Breaking the Nasal Bone Prices in Istanbul

The cost of rhinoplasty without breaking the bone operation, which is a combination of different procedures, varies according to hospitals, operation time and materials used, but varies between 2500 - 4000 US Dollars. If the microdrill system used in bone shaping, ultrasonic device or different devices are used and luxury hospitals are selected, the fee is higher. In order to eliminate functional problems in these operations, septoplasty and turbinate ablation with radiofrequency can be performed, and at the same time, nasal valve surgery can be applied together in patients with nasal valve stenosis.

Can Nose Aesthetic Without Breaking The Bone Be Done Without Nasal Packing?

This operation can be completed in some patients without the use of nasal packing. Nasal packing may not be used after the operation in patients who have not undergone any surgical procedure in the nose and have few mucosal injuries. For example, in patients who do not undergo septoplasty, turbinate radiofrequency reduction, or dissection for cartilage graft removal from the nasal septum, the operation can be terminated without using nasal packing.

Can Breaking Bone Operation Be Performed Without Rhinoplaty Under Local Anesthesia?

Although a limited amount of operation is performed on the nasal bone; In patients, it may be possible to feel the process moment by moment as a result of pain on the bone and the transmission of various sounds through the bone during the operation. Again, since the injection of local anesthetic into the tip of the nose is somewhat painful, I usually prefer to perform this procedure under general anesthesia. By applying cold serum and injecting local anesthetic into the nose 30-45 minutes before the operation, both intraoperative bleeding and the pain felt by the patient after the operation can be reduced.

Postoperative Care For Rhinoplaty Without Breaking Bone

The care recommendations after this operation are similar to those in the rhinoplasty operation. Since bone cutting or breaking is not done, the recovery time is much shorter. While it is generally recommended to take at least 6 months to wear glasses after rhinoplasty operation; Glasses can be used after 2 months after this operation. You should definitely consider your doctor's recommendations in this regard.

Immediately after the operation, it is necessary to wait for the first 4 hours for the drugs used in general anesthesia to be expelled from the body, and during this period, patients should not drink water or eat food. During this period, patients may complain of nausea and rarely vomiting (due to the effect of general anesthesia and a small amount of swallowed blood).

It is normal to have dripping or leaking bleeding from the front of the nose and from the nose, after the first 3 days after the operation.

In general, our patients are given oral antibiotic tablets, edema and bruise remover herbal tablets, arnica gel applied to the skin to relieve edema and bruises, antibiotic skin ointment to be applied to the incision area at the tip of the nose, oral paracetamol tablets in case of pain, moisturizing oily nasal drops for intranasal We recommend using ocean water spray.

After the operation, it is necessary to avoid excessively salty, spicy and hot foods and beverages for a few weeks.

We recommend that they sleep with an inclination of 45 degrees for 3 weeks, and again for 3 weeks, throwing the head back in the bathroom, washing the head in the hairdresser's position, and washing the body separately. During this period, it is recommended not to let the city water into the nose.

7-10 days after the operation, you can go to the private office of Dr. Murat Enöz in Istanbul Bakırköy to remove the silicone splints in the nose and the bands on the nose.

Is Ice Application Required After Rhinoplaty Without Breaking Bone Operation?

As in the classical rhinoplasty operation, cutting / breaking the nasal bones is not performed, so it may be recommended that the patient rest at 45 degrees immediately after the operation and stay in bed and keep the room cool. Applying ice can reduce the edema and bruising around the eyes and face that may occur after the operation of the patient. In patients with limited reduction of the nasal bone, the application of cold ice may be appropriate. This application is not very necessary in patients who do not have any intervention on the nasal bone.

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The alternative procedures and appropriate surgical techniques that your doctor will present you about the subject will be the most accurate.

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