Septoplasty Operation Without Nasal Packing

Unbuffered Septoplasty Operation in Istanbul

Unbuffered septoplasty surgery - Unbuffered nasal septum deviation surgery - Unbuffered septum deviation operation - Unbuffered nose surgery - Unbuffered SMR operation - Unbuffered septum deviation correction surgery - ENTact Septal Stapler

ENTact Septal Stapler 

Septoplasty surgeries can also be done without tampons. Patients with limited cartilaginous sprain can be removed after submucosal removal of the cartilage (submucosal resection) if the nasal septum therapy alone is scheduled for treatment, without deviating the buffer. After the procedure, the cartilage can be removed without using the nasal pad by removing the cartilage from the septum area by suturing the suture material with full-thickness suture material, preventing the formation of dead space and providing mutual pressure. The use of a device called the "ENTact Septal Stapler" (such as an automatic sewing machine) that allows a practical nose septum to be stitched in a reciprocal manner is further facilitated. Below you can see the "ENTact Septal Stapler" product videounu (product manufacturer link >> ENTACT Septal Stapler | Smith & Nephew)


Advantages of using the internal silicone splint over the unbuffered nose surgery

However, patients with nasal septum deviations usually have turbinate hypertrophy on the opposite side of the septum deviations. Nasal septum deviation surgery and turbinate radiofrequency procedures are also performed. It is more common practice to use "internal silicone splint", which is made of pure silica with pneumatic hole, allowing the patient to breathe on the median line, which serves as a barrier between the nose and the nose septum when the two processes are done together. After the nose surgery, the nose is usually swollen in the first week and contact points with the nasal septum may occur. Intranasal adhesions may occur between these areas, and the patient may complain of severe nasal obstruction due to the swelling of the nose during the first week after surgery. The use of silicone splint is more advantageous than unbuffered nose surgery when combined with nasal surgery.

You can find detailed information about the septoplasty operation link >> Septoplasty Operation in Istanbul

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