Rehabilitation Centers Are Needed for Cancer Patients

Cancer rehabilitation and treatment centers

There are treatment centers in universities and state hospitals for "cancer disease" which is an increasingly common disease in our country. I don't know if you've been in these treatment centers for a long time, but I had quite a lot of experience with my mother and father. For example, my mother had been treated for a long time at the Istanbul University Oncology Institute. Very crowded, waiting time too long, waiting areas restricted and a bit noisy. Unfortunately, patients receive complaints such as headache, nausea and numbness in the hands. When the patient is dealing with them, the crowd outside, the patient's being in the middle of the noise and stressful environment, and the presence of the relatives of the patients who are calling out ... factors that may compromise trust.

The official cancer treatment centers in our country are being modernized. Luxury and private hospitals have well-equipped cancer treatment centers.

Patients, quiet and personalized treatment rooms are very important.

Apart from cancer treatment centers, it would be nice if rehabilitation centers could be opened in the middle of natural life.

What will these rehabilitation centers do?

These centers can be:

- Exercise programs to improve physical condition, which can be limiting treatment in cancer patients
- Make the cancer patient more independent and less dependent on caregivers
- Reduction of sleep problems
- Reducing the number of hospitalizations
- Patient and family education, provision of counseling services
- Pain control and personalized drug use
- Nutrition counseling
- Exercise programs that help to increase strength, endurance and mobility
- Smoking cessation training and support programs
- Aid, dressing, bathing, toileting, eating and basic cleaning needs related to daily living activities.

Members of the expert staff working in these centers may consist of:

Oncologist, rehabilitation specialist, rehabilitation nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, leisure therapist, dietitian, psychologist / psychiatrist, social worker, home health care assistant, professional counselor, religious officer, speech-language pathologist.

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI) is based at the University of Northern Kolarado.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center website

If you review, you can see the properties of the centers.

There are some cancer treatment centers in our country, they serve patients in a really clean and suitable environment, but the cancer treatment is a little expensive ... 

A few websites where you can find information on cancer rehabilitation programs and centers:
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