Several Machines / Devices That Produced For Beauty in History!

Some Beauty Machines / Devices That Produced in History!

I would like to talk to you about a few inventions that were produced in order to flourish in history and to measure beauty. They all look funny and interesting.

When you click on each photo of the magnificent (!) Inventions below, you can see the original size as the large size. Some of them were produced with simple logic in mind. Nowadays, some devices that are believed to shape the nose by mechanical pressure are sold on the internet (nose shaper apparatus!).

Measure the Facial Beauty Machine

According to my article, this machine, designed by Max Factor in the 1900s, can measure the beauty of a woman's face. A scene that resembles Frankenstein's movies. When I looked at the machine, the guys were trying hard to make it kadar How much excitement does he note to you, how many inches between eyes? ... "

Dimple Machine For Women

Produced with a slogan in the form of "Dimples are now made to order!". This device has two tiny protrusions on both sides. It's like having a painful workload.

Nose Protector Sunglasses

Designed in 1932 to prevent skin burns and redness at the nasal tips of women circulating in the sun. It is more noticeable than red nose, but it can prevent skin cancer in the nose.

Template Mold For Lipstick

With this mold lipstick can be applied symmetrically and quickly. Produced in 1938, this mold looks very practical and beautiful.

Magic Chair For Beauty

Some of the inventors who have been involved in the treatment of Mechanotherapy (mechanical processes for treatment) in Paris in the 1930s have tried to accelerate the burning of fat by increasing muscle activity in certain parts of the body.

Beautification of the body lines, a single chair was tried to be provided with the added apparatus. While pulling under her chin, she squeezes the neck. 

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