Nasal Bone Spur (Other Reason For Atypical Headache)

Rhinogenic Contact Point Headache and Ossified Overhang / Osteophyte

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In the nasal septum, which is the nasal septum that divides the nasal cavity into two, sometimes the dorsal protrusions can be added to the bone structure extending in the lateral direction of the curvilinear folds. In addition to this curvature occurring traumatic nasal septum deviation, caused due to contact with the turbinates extending nose bone spurs may occur since unexplained headaches. After removing bone spur deviation during operation, a reduction in meal or disappearance of headache pain, the bone is considered as an evidence proving that cause spur headache. Link to a good article about the pain radiating to the surrounding areas where the nasal septal spur contacts the inside of the nose >> Nasal Septal Spur Associated with Rhinogenic ... - PubMed

Nasal Septal Spur Symptoms

Two main symptoms associated with nasal sepal spur are intranasal airway spasm and related nasal obstruction, while the other symptom is Rhinogenic contact point headache associated with mucosal contact point. There is even a very old article highlighting the relationship between nasal septal spur and headache! Septal spur cephalalgia article published in "The Pennsylvania medical journal" in 1956. 

Rhinogenic contact point headache (RCPH)

Rhinogenic contact point headache (RCPH), without infection or inflammation, without intranasal mass lesions (sinonasal polyps or tumors); It is a secondary headache syndrome that occurs due to mucosal contact points in the sinonasal spaces. This may be due to pressure on the nasal mucosa due to anatomical variations where septal deviation, septal spur, and concha bullosa are most commonly observed.The reason here is the painful stimuli that occur after chronic mucosal contact and pressure on the mucous membrane (source >> Rhinogenic Contact Point Headache: Surgical Treatment Versus Medical Treatment). Nasal septal spur may be the most common cause of these pains.

Why Does Nasal Bone Spur Occur?

Nasal septal spur usually occurs secondary to previous nasal septal traumas. Most of the patients do not remember the time of nasal trauma.

Nasal Bone Spur Treatment

Nasal septal spur may cause symptoms such as nasal congestion and headache. When it is usually associated with nasal septum deviation, removal of the spur (or, as a new method, straightening with a micromotor) can be planned during deviated septum correcting surgery.

How Can Nasal Bone Spur Cause Contact Point Headache? Is There a Special Method For This?

In patients with nasal septal spur, if there is a decrease in headache after local anesthetic injection on the mucosal surface and on the spur in contact with the spur, or after soaking the local anesthetic-impregnated cotton, it can be considered that there is referred pain originating from the septal spur.

Is Nasal Bone Spur Removal a Difficult Surgery?

Generally, during a septoplasty operation, spur removal is a very simple procedure for an experienced surgeon. The septum section where the nasal septal spur is located is the bony septum, and after bilateral mucosal elevation, the bony septum in the upper and lower parts of the spur can be cut using bone scissors and the spur removed. It is also possible to shave the spur to make it smooth with the help of a micromotor. Endoscopic nasal bone spur removal can be performed for the purpose of resection of only the spur behind the nasal septum, where the septum deviation is not too great. In this method, only the mucosa on the purine is elevated and the spur removal process is completed by seeing it with the help of an endoscope. Laser-assisted septal spur removal techniques are also available. Scientific article on this topic >> In-office laser septal spur removal

Nasal Bone Spur Removal Cost in Istanbul

I usually do this procedure as a part of the septoplasty operation, and there is no additional procedure fee other than the septoplasty fee. You can search this website by typing septoplasty cost and get detailed information.

Is Special Care Needed After Nasal Bone Spur Removal?

This process can be done during septum deviation surgery, which is a simple nose surgery, and the care recommendations after the septoplasty operation are sufficient. It is normal to have blood dripping or leaking from the front and back of the nose after the procedure.

Can You Tell If You Have A Nasal Bone Spur In Your Own Nose?

Usually the answer is "no". In most patients with nasal obstruction, septal spur formation is detected incidentally during examination. When patients pick their nose with their fingers, they cannot detect the presence of the spur. It is understood that patients with headache and nasal congestion have nasal sepal spurs by simple ENT examination or an incidentally taken paranasal sinus tomography.

After Nasal Bone Spur Removal, Both Headache and Nasal Congestion Complaints May Relieve!

After nasal septal spur removal, generally most patients can describe both relief of nasal breathing and relief of nasal congestion and reduction in headache after removal of the intranasal silicone splints. When nasal septal spur removal surgery is performed together with septoplasty, many positive effects such as increase in the patient's sleep quality, increase in blood oxygen saturation and elimination of contact pain can be achieved at the same time, since the intranasal airway resistance will decrease.

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Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Atypical Headache - Nose Bone Spur - Bone Spur Formation of The Nose Definition - Symptoms of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Treatment of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation
Image description: The image above shows a sharp-edged and spiny bony spur formation originating from the superior and posterior sides of the nasal septum, extending towards the lateral wall and contacting it.

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