Nose Job With Filler Video

Liquid Rhinoplasty Video

In this video, known as rhinoplasty without surgery or non-surgical nose job with filler, injections of filler material can be made within about 5-10 minutes in office conditions. Before the procedure, a local anesthetic cream nose massage applied to the filling area is performed and the procedure is terminated. Non-surgical rhinoplasty with filler material can be done after local anesthetic cream application in office conditions. In this video, the patient's nose filling material is injected, which has an asymmetric area in the right suprathep region. The local anesthetic cream applied on the filling material before the procedure is spread by massage, the filling is injected under the nose skin, the nasal massage is applied to the application area and the process is terminated.
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The cost of non-surgical nose job with fillers is 250-300 US dollars on average, where cross-linked hyaluronic acid is used and filling materials are used for 10-12 months. In general, we try to administer divided doses to our patients (in the form of injections slowly 2 or 3 times, such as in the 0.1-2, 3-4th week).

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