Nose Tip Lifting Procedure, Cost and Postoperative Care

Nasal Tip Lifting Procedure

Video description and description of the surgical procedure:

On the video it is shown that how weak the nose tip was before the procedure and then shifted the nose tip forward and slightly upward.

This is an operation that can be done to treat the following problems:
. sagging and spreading of nose tip while smiling (nose tip droops when smiling)
. low nasobial angle
. nose tip asymmetry
. droopy nasal tip after the nose surgeries or nose trauma

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Nose Tip Lifting / Nasal Tip Aesthetic

We can plan nasal tip lift or nasal tip aesthetic operations with different techniques for our patients who have a drooping nose tip or who have complaints of spreading to the sides and downwards at the tip of the nose while smiling. In the video above, we performed an open technique nasal tip aesthetic operation for our patient with a drooping nose tip and spreading downwards. At the same time, the patient's nose tip was directed upwards. Here, the cartilages used to achieve the permanent shape change at the tip of the nose were obtained from the patient's nasal septum. A septoplasty operation was also performed in the patient for the treatment of nasal septum deviation, which narrows the airway in the nose. The cartilage pieces obtained here were also used for nose tip lifting and nose tip aesthetics.

A Personalized Surgery: Nose Tip Surgery

The tip of the nose is a very noticeable area on our face. If the tip of the nose spreads down and to the sides while smiling, it can cause an unsympathetic smile, and a droopy nose can cause an arched nose and an angry expression when viewed from the front. Nasal tip operations can be determined according to the patient's facial features, and narrowing, erecting or moving the tip of the nose forward (increasing the projection) can always be planned individually.

Nose Tip Lifting Has Both Aesthetic and Functional Effects

When you hold the tip of the nose with your hand and lift it forward and upwards, you can feel that you can breathe through the nose more easily and the air inlet and outlet of the nose are relieved. In patients with low nasal tip, nasal congestion may occur due to narrowing of the nasal valve angle and reduction in the cross-sectional area of ​​the intranasal airways at the same time; It can cause the nose to appear longer when viewed from the front and an aesthetically unappealing nose shape. In this case, moving the tip of the nose forward and upward can provide positive results in patients both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In patients whose nasal tip is not drooping, abnormally unnecessary lifting of the nasal tip does not have a serious positive effect on nasal functions; This can cause a nose shape, such as a pig's nose, where the nostrils can be seen when viewed from the front. It is a personalized operation and it should be planned according to aesthetic proportions.

Which Nose Tip Lifting Technique Is Best?

When you search, you can find that there are nose tip lifts that have a permanent effect and a temporary effect. Especially in patients with very soft nasal tip and weak nasal cartilage support, the effect of temporary nasal tip lifting procedures may take a very short time.

Botox application and filler injection can be counted as non-surgical nose tip lifting. Usually the results of these procedures have an effect for several months. It can be applied in office conditions in a very short time. It may not be suitable for patients with very soft nasal tip, and its effect may be limited.

Nose thread lift is a technique that can be done in office conditions and uses PDO threads. In this procedure, the duration of action can be extended up to 2 years. As a simple logic here, can a suture material last long in the face of a moving nose tip every time you laugh and talk? Maybe "yes" when using permanent suture materials, but there is a risk of suture reaction. PDO threads are used in many patients. Although safe, the duration of action is not permanent.

There are "permanent" and "surgical" nasal tip lifting techniques. My favorite is the "open technique nose tip lifting" operation, in which the patient's deviated septum cartilage is removed at the same time and his breathing is relieved and using these removed cartilage pieces. Here, the patient's own cartilage insert is reinserted into the patient's own nose. In addition, various suture and overlapping techniques can be used in which the dome angles and positions of the alar cartilages are changed. In some patients, the operation can be completed as "open technique nose tip plasty" by performing alar cartilage cephalic resection and cap graft applications in order to narrow the nasal tip of the patient at the same time. The "septocolumellar suture" technique can also be used in patients with very drooping nasal tip. In patients who have had a septoplasty operation before and who have sagging at the tip of the nose after this operation, there may not be enough cartilage graft in the nose and cartilage grafts may need to be taken from the patient's rib or auricle.

Cost of Nose Tip Lifting / Plasty

Nasal tip lifting and reshaping operations vary between 2000 and 3500 us dollars on average (including one day hospital stay, materials, doctor fees) depending on the materials to be used in the hospital in Istanbul. In addition to nasal tip surgeries, septoplasty and / or turbinate reduction with radiofrequency can also be performed.

Nasal Tip Lifting Without Nasal Packing

It is not necessary to place a tampon in the nose in patients who have only nose tip lifting operation (if the patient does not have any operation in the nose related to respiratory problems). I prefer to place internal silicone splints in patients who have had septoplasty or turbinate reduction in the nose.

Postoperative Patient Care After Nose Tip Lifting

If the procedure was performed under general anesthesia, it is ideal for the patient to remain hungry and thirsty for 4 hours after the operation. After this period is completed, the patient can drink water and eat.

It is normal in the first week to bleed from the nostrils or nasal passages, in the form of dripping or leaking, more than in the first 3 days.

After the operation, you should have a lying position close to 45 degrees. It may be appropriate to adhere to this position for 3 weeks and then to use C-shaped passenger pillows and to reduce the lying angle.

Having a cool room is beneficial for nasal tip edema.

Care should be taken to wash hair and body separately in the bathroom. It is ideal not to let the city mains water come into contact with the nose for 3 weeks.

Swimming in the sea can be started after the 3rd week and swimming in the pool after 2 or 3 months.

Epithelializing or antibiotic creams that can be applied to the nose can be used for 1 month. After 1 month, we recommend using various scar removal products (such as contractubex gel) for 2 months in patients with discoloration at the incision site.

The tip of the nose should be protected from trauma for at least 2 months, heavy glasses should not be worn and glasses should not be placed on the tip of the nose.

After the nose tip lift operation, great attention should be paid in the first weeks of dental interventions. The automatic mouth retractor must be placed symmetrically.

These recommendations may vary according to different doctors and clinics, please follow the recommendations of your operating physician.

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