Transoral Removal of Submandibular Stone

At the mouth of the left submandibular gland duct (Wharton's Duct), oval shaped salivary glands were observed with a size of about 3x6 mm and the duct was exposed under local anesthesia After being expanded with a scalpel, simultaneous in-mouth and under-jaw massage was performed to allow the stone to move into the mouth.

Transoral Removal of Submandibular Stone - Removal of Salivary Gland Stone - Intraoral Removal of Stone in The Proximal Submandibular Duct - Removing A Stone From A Salivary Duct - Wharton's Duct Sialolith Removal

It is rarely necessary today to remove saliva stones by making a small incision in the mouth. In the above video, a painful left jaw six salivary gland bulge and a jaw-bottom salivary gland can be seen from inside the mouth. In order to fall into the mouth, the mouth of the canal is cut with a few mm bisturion on the stone, has been observed.

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