A Few Practical Precautions for Nasal Dryness and Epistaxis (Nosebleeds)

Nasal Dryness With Epistaxis (Nosebleeds)

Effective Ways to Treat a Dry Nose - How To Relieve A Dry Nose - Home Remedies To Treat Dry Nose - How To Relieve A Dry Nose - Natural Home Remedies For Dry Nose Congestion - Home Remedies For Treating DDry Nose - Nosebleed - Epistaxis

In patients with nasal dryness, the appearance of epistaxis is facilitated by different mechanisms. Sometimes after nasal surgery, nasal bleeding can be seen due to the nasal instability caused by nasal mixing or chronic nasal cleansing habits, sometimes due to seasonal or environmental factors.
For the nasal dryness with the nosebleed, you can note the following practical recommendations:

Nutrition style changes

- Consume fruits and vegetables with high water content
- For more than normal water
- Test tea consumption with a diuretic
- Do not consume excessively salty food

Precautions for nose cleaning

Do not clean the nose with a paper towel, napkin, cotton or q type cotton ear cleaning bar and do not mix the nose with your finger.

Dry Nose

Precautions for intranasal care

At home you can reduce the risk of nasal obstruction and associated nose bleeding by following the following practice:

- You can wash your nose with water at home to keep your nose as absorbed as you can. For this you can put 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon carbonate in 1 cup water, but it may be appropriate to prepare without salt.
- You can drop pure olive oil into the nose in consultation with your doctor. However, you can take advantage of the ready-made sprays and drops produced as a nasal moisturizer.
- You can put cold water in the front of the heaters in order to increase the ambient temperature. You can operate cold steam machine in the room.

During the nose bleeding, you can try stopping this by gripping with the thumb and forefinger of a hand to nose wings. In addition to this, it may be appropriate to apply iced water around the nose and ice around the nose.

Despite this recommendation, patients with recurrent epistaxis are advised to consult an otolaryngologist.

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