Type III Anterior Tongue Tie - Preoperative and Postoperative Examination

According to the tongue tie classification developed by Dr.Kotlow, the tongue ties began to be classified as between 1 and 4 digits. Type I, II, and III are also grouped as anterior tongue tie and type IV posterior tongue tie or submucosal tongue tie.

Type I tongue tie is a type of tongue tie that comes up to the tip of the tongue and restricts the tongue tip to close.

Type II tongue tie is a type of tongue tie that does not reach the tip of the tongue but causes the pit on the tongue when the tongue is lifted up.
Type III tongue tie is a tongue tie type that is lagging behind Type II and does not cause bifurcation at the tip of the tongue. It is usually noticeable in older ages.

Type IV tongue tie is a type of tongue tie that is visible, under the tongue and under the mucosa, which is understood only during manual examination, especially in infants, difficulty in breastfeeding and premature separation from the breast, mixed with shortness of tongue.

A 15-year-old patient was admitted with a complaint of difficulty in some words while talking, and a tongue tie (Type III anterior tongue tie) was found under the tongue under the tongue which did not reach the tongue tip but restricted the tongue's endings and lingual ferenectomy was performed under local anesthesia.

After the procedure, the tongue tip can be easily lifted upwards (edema on the tongue tip, tips of the seams that can be absorbed under the tongue due to local anesthetic injection).

You can find details about "Type III Anterior Tongue Tie -  Before and After The Tongue Tie Release Surgery - Definition of Type III Anterior Tongue Tie - Tongue Tie Classification": http://www.dilbagiameliyati.com/
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