Bloodless Tonsillectomy Operation With Thermal Welding Device Video -1

Tonsil Removal Surgery With Thermal Welding

Thermal Welding Device (UPS) with bloodless and knifeless tonsil surgery device, under general anesthesia, after the introduction of automatic mouth contractions are started.

During the procedure, the inside of the mouth is regularly washed with cold sterile serum, and bleeding control is performed after the procedure. Surgery does not appear to have burn injuries and bleeding.

After removal of both tonsils with Thermal Welding device, local anesthetic drug injected to pain relief in the area where surgery is performed, anterior and posterior plicas stitched with absorbable suture materials after the finishing of tonsillectomy operation.

What's The Best Tonsillectomy Method?

Tonsil operations can be planned due to recurrent infections, sleep apnea due to airway stenosis due to enlargement, and swallowing difficulties; baen due to asymmetrical growth and suspicion of cancer; sometimes it can be done due to tonsil stone (magma), which is a relative indication. The reason why it comes to the minds of patients as a fearful dream is that it causes serious sore throat and nutritional disorders as a result of the damage of the swallowing muscles other than the tonsils, which are used in the past. In today's tonsil operation techniques, as the most advantageous method:

- minimal mucosal damage
- minimal postoperative pain
- minimal blood loss
- minimal complications
- minimal thermal damage to adjacent musculature outside the tonsils
- criteria such as resulting in the fastest recovery can be considered.

For example, in tonsillectomy operations performed using electrocautery and radiofrequency, although the procedure can be terminated without blood; Since there is very high heat damage during the procedure, the pain felt after the surgery may be very high and the recovery period may be much longer. Generally, after methods that cause heat damage, a thick white healing layer in dark or white color can be seen in the tonsil beds when looking at a small part of the patient.

In the tonsillectomy method that I shared with you in this video, only the "Cutting" mode was used while the thermal welding device was used, and the "Coagulation" mode was not used. Since the anterior and posterior tonsillar folds were sutured after the procedure, minor bleeding stopped spontaneously. In this way, possible thermal tissue damage is minimized.

Also in Coblation technology, which is one of the modern devices; Tonsillectomy operation can be completed without or near bloodless and with very little heat damage. You can read articles about the long-term bleeding risk with this method. On the other hand, there are scientific studies that show that this method does not increase the risk of bleeding (You can look this link >> Postoperative tonsillectomy bleed: coblation versus ... - PubMed).

In some types of lazer; Tonsillectomy can be completed without any bleeding, but again, heat damage may be excessive. 

Is Painless Tonsillectomy Operation Possible?

It is natural to feel pain even with an injection made with only a small needle. The area where the tonsils are located is a region with very intense sensory nerves and it is inevitable for patients to experience pain after the procedure. The words "painless" and "bloodless" may not be scientifically correct. By minimizing the heat damage, "pain-minimized tonsillectomy operation" can be performed. This final statement is more realistic and scientific. Unfortunately, slogans such as painless, bloodless, simple, which are seen in some advertisements, may be far from scientific and reality.

Is Tonsillectomy Operation Possible Under Local Anesthesia?

My tonsils were removed under local anesthesia when I was 7 years old. As a patient here, I would like to share my memories with you. During the removal of such sensitive tonsils, which are just at the entrance of the respiratory tract, under local anesthesia, the following negative problems may occur:

- tonsillar bleeding that cannot be intervened (gagging reflex can both increase the intervention and bleeding!)
- aspiration of blood, local anesthetic or a piece of tonsil (I almost swallowed my own tonsil)
- splashes of blood and secretions on the doctor's face due to recurrent retching of the patient,
- the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, especially in children (before my surgery, an assistant behind me wore a leather-like protective clothing to prevent blood contamination and fixed my hands by clamping them. Although this is not done in adult patients, it can be done to prevent sudden movements in children).

I have only watched a tonsillectomy operation under local anesthesia once in my professional life and I have never applied it to any of my patients again. Performing this operation under general anesthesia, in sterile operating room conditions and with the help of appropriate equipment is very important for the comfort of both the patient and the physician.

A Few Simple Suggestions for Recovery After Tonsil Surgery

If you pay attention to the following recommendations, you can increase the speed of recovery after tonsil surgery:

- drink water at frequent intervals (dehydration is one of the factors that negatively affect recovery)
- pay attention to adequate protein intake (such as broth soup, boiled bone marrow, chicken stock and boiled chicken meat)
- avoid all hot-salty, spicy, hard and sharp-edged foods and beverages

In the case of frequent drinking of water, there is an increase in the rate of healing in the oral mucosa.

It may be beneficial to touch the wound with natural honey and to drink it by putting honey in water.

Can Tonsil Removal Cause a Weakness in the Immune System?

Tonsilla palatines are the members of the Waldeyer lymphatic ring in our throat, and there are many lymph nodes located deeper in our beard. When deciding on tonsillectomy, factors such as recurrent infection, airway stenosis due to abnormal structural size and respiratory problems, and the presence of a neoplastic suspicion such as asymmetric growth are evaluated. These tissues are not unnecessary and non-functional, however, in terms of health, performing tonsillectomy when necessary, tonsillectomy has no clinically significant negative effect on the both humeral and cellular immunity (link to a scientific article on this subject >> The effect of tonsillectomy on the immune system - PubMed) . Usually, instead of this removed lymphoid structure, other neighboring lymphoid structures come into play and an increase in their volume may occur when necessary.

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