Ear Drum Repair Animation

Tympanic Membrane Hole Repair

Perforated eardrum

Perforated eardrum can occur as a result of pressure changes (barotrauma), mechanical trauma, infection or noise trauma.

Perforated eardrum repair

The animation of myringoplasty (or type 1 tympanoplasty) operation is showed on the video above.

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This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Endoscopic and microscopic techniques for ear drum surgery are available. In this video, the dead cells around the hole in the eardrum are removed. Muscle, cartilage or cartilage glands are placed on or under the ear drum. The spongel is placed on it and the operation is terminated by placing a gel that serves as a buffer or buffer for the external ear path.

Microscopic ear drum repair

Transcranial myringoplasty and transcranial tympanoplasty operations, which are performed from inside the external ear canal with minimal traumatic techniques, have been performed frequently.

Endoscopic ear drum repair

In recent years, endoscopic eardrum surgery has begun to close the hole in the eardrum from the outer ear canal (transcanal - transmeatal, - endomeatal technique) without making a skin incision to the outer ear canal. This techinique has many advantages such as this proceduıe is mimimal traumatic, no visible incision of the skin is needed and sometimes the procedure can be terminated without the use of an ear buffer. Mojor aim for ear surgeon to minimally invasive surgery for eardrum rapairing ans this tchnique can be suitble for selected patient with perforated ear drum. Total cost of endoscopic eardrum repair in Istanbul can be change due to hospitals, surgery time and instruments that used for procedure. The cost of endoscopic ear drum repair varies between 2000 - 3000 US Dollars.

Ear Drum Repair in Istanbul

One of the most beautiful cities in the world with many historical and tourist attractions, you can come to İstanbul for a treatment of your eardrum hole and a nice excursion plan at the same time. After a few days of ear trick surgery, you can walk long distances. In patients who have undergone surgery for ear canals and middle ear ossicles, dizziness and nausea may appear for a few days after the operation. You can plan your trip from the 1st week :) After ear surgery, it is advisable to pay attention to what we offer for you during your flight.

Two Important Functions of the Eardrum: Barrier and Hearing

The eardrum acts as a separating barrier between the middle ear and the outer ear. When the size of the eardrum is impaired, microorganisms from the external ear canal can easily reach the middle ear and cause recurrent middle ear infections. Patients with a perforated eardrum should avoid contact with water in their ears.

The most important task of the eardrum with regard to hearing is to create a vibrating surface area where sound waves hit. When the integrity of the eardrum is disrupted, conductive hearing loss occurs in the first place, as the vibrating surface will decrease.

​Endoscopic Eardrum Repair in Istanbul

Transcanal Eardrum Surgery with the Smallest Possible Incision Trace

In the repair of the eardrum hole, most patients demand that the procedure be performed with the least surgical trauma and the smallest incision. In appropriate cases, transcanal tympanic membrane repair can be performed without making an additional incision. During the endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty procedure, only the cartilage graft is removed from the incision in the tragus. An additional incision is not made in the auricle or the anterior part of the ear. In order to perform such a minimally traumatic operation, the hole in the eardrum should be easily seen through the canal, there should be no signs of chronic infection and only a simple membrane hole should be present. After hearing tests and tomography examinations of the patients, this method can be selected in appropriate cases.

Swimming Can Be a Big Problem If You Have a Perforated Eardrum!

Patients with a perforated eardrum should not dive deep and swim superficially using only earplugs and a tight bonnet. No earplug can act as a 100 percent barrier against pressurized water. In other words, it is inconvenient for a patient with a hole in the eardrum to dive in the sea or in the pool with their head completely submerged. Swimming earplugs that fit tightly to the external ear canal, sold in sports shops, can be used during bathing or surface swimming. Bones that tightly wrap the head over these plugs can be used. ​ If cold water reaches the middle ear directly during swimming in patients with a hole in the eardrum, severe dizziness and then very severe middle ear infections may begin.

Successful Eardrum Surgery Prevents Recurrent Middle Ear Infections and Progressive Hearing Loss!

When the hole in the eardrum is successfully repaired, the barrier function of the eardrum will reappear; Many possibilities such as recurrent middle ear infections, the formation of changes related to chronic inflammation in the middle ear, and the negative effects of inflammatory products in the inner ear are prevented. For this reason, surgical repair is recommended in young patients in the presence of tympanic membrane perforation. If elderly patients protect their ears from serious contact with water, if there is no middle ear infection (if the ear remains dry and healthy), follow-up can be planned.

​Why Can Hearing Loss Gradually Occur in Patients With a Perforated Eardrum?  

Since the barrier function of the eardrum is impaired in patients with a hole in the eardrum, recurrent middle ear infections can be seen over time, and if these inflammations stay close to the inner ear for a long time, neural type damage may occur in the inner ear.  In other words, while there is conductive hearing loss at the beginning, mixed type hearing loss may occur in patients with chronic otitis media.  These risks are reduced in patients who seriously protect their ears from water contact. ​​

​How Long is The Total Recovery Time After Eardrum Surgery?  

After eardrum surgeries, there is a total recovery period of 2-6 months, depending on the location and size of the wish.  When the eardrum hole is very small and is repaired with a small surgical tour, almost 100% healing is usually completed in two months, but the recovery time is much longer in large membrane hole repairs.  Especially in the middle ear, there are much larger ear surgeries where the ossicles need to be repaired, the infection residues need to be cleaned, in this case the recovery period is longer.

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Source link >> Eardrum repair: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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