Texas Mother Suffers From Rare Empty Nose Syndrome After The Turbinate Reduction Operation

Turbines in your nose take on unequal tasks such as humidifying, purifying, pressurizing and heating the nose air. In particular, inferior turbinates are responsible for many of these tasks. These turbinates can grow for a variety of reasons (allergy, polluted air, irritation, chronic infections, drug use ...). In the so-called Turbinate hypertrophy, it is intended to reduce the volume of the turbinates to a limited amount, without compromising the unique and flawless design of the nasal anatomy. Radiofrequency turbinate reduction is the most commonly used volume reduction method. If the volume of the turbinates is reduced or the resection is made in excess, Empty Nose Syndrome which manifests itself with impaired nasal decongestion, abnormally increased airflow and the resulting difficulty breathing through the nose, nasal dryness and crusting, painful stimuli with nasal swelling and pain, thick post-nasal drip back into the throat, can occur.

Unfortunately, the effect of medical treatment is limited in patients who have no definitive treatment, especially those whose turbinates have been removed near the mouth.

In the videoit's showing that the lady who complains after turbinate reduction and finds out that it is "Empty Nose Syndrome" at the end.

Article (source): http://people.com/health/texas-mother...
Author: J. Cohen
More information: www.emptynosesyndrome.org / www.ensassociation.org

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