Endoscopic Surgery For Sinusitis Video

Minimally invasive methods have begun to be developed in the treatment of chronic sinusitis. In the past, sinus surgery was performed in the face and mouth. Nowadays, endoscopic sinus surgery allows the operation to reach diseased sinuses without the need for these incisions. In the treatment of chronic sinusitis, firstly open surgeons were defined and then functional endoscopic sinus surgery was developed and lastly, ballooning technique was described.

Depending on the chronic sinusitis, there may be a feeling of fullness of the face, toothache, mouth odor, headache. It is seen that the sinus tomography of the left maxillary sinus is completely closed in the patient's pain, pain on the left cheek area, inflammation of the left nostril, and tooth pain complaint.

The patient who is scheduled for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) appears to have a dark, inflamed sinus component, which drains into the left nasal cavity during surgery.

As an alternative to endoscopic sinus surgery, chronic sinusitis can also be treated with balloon sinoplasty method through nasal cavity and without incision with the help of pressure balloon. The patient in the videotape also underwent cartilaginous surgery and nasal surgery in the nose.

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