Enlarged Adenoids - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Growth (Hypertrophy) of The Adenoid

Enlarged Adenoid

Adenoid is a tissue in the lymphoid structure located at the back of the nostrils. The microbes entering through the breath from the nose adhere to the particles and allergens and they are prevented from reaching the lower airways. In general, symptoms of enlarged adenoid can be grouped into those associated with nasal obstruction and those related to the middle ear.

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Enlarged Adenoids -
Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Apart from genetic predisposition; it can facilitate Adenoid hypertrophy with contaminated air, high allergenicity, cigarette smoke, high microbial concentration and long periods in allergen-rich environment.

Depending on the adenoid growth, nasal obstruction, open mouth sleeping, recurrent sinus infections in children, middle ear infections and middle ear fluid may be seen.

In children with enlarged adenoids, the appearance of a mouth that appears to be open and that there is little communication around can occur. This condition is called "adenoid face".

Typical facial appearance and mouth-open breathing pattern in a child with adenoid hypertrophy

Children with large adenoids may experience decreased sleep quality and signs of sleep apnea. Repeated episodes of sleep apnea can be seen in children, especially those with tonsils and natriuretic growth.

Endoscopic examination is sufficient for diagnosis of gonad growth. It is not always necessary to remove radiographs.

Adenoid Hypertrophy - Adenoidectomy Operation - Enlarged Adenoids - Enlarged Adenoids Causes, Diagnosis of Adenoid Hypertrophy - Treatment of Hypertrophy - Adenoidectomy in IstanbulAdenoid surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Adenoids are removed with the help of a curette, called an adenotomy, after the automatic puncture is placed and the palate is stretched.

Postoperative simple ocean water sprayers and pain relievers can be used. As in tonsillectomy, a special diet is not necessary. Only the first 1 or 2 days can be fed with a soft mild diet.

Adenoid hypertrophy graphy image

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