Foreign Body Reactions Due to Non-Absorbable Suture Materials and Skin Fistula After Rhinoplasty Operation

In the above video, a patient who had undergone nose job surgery surgery 4 times previously and was injected with local anesthetic drug at the tip of the nose before the operation of the patient with complaints of recurrent skin infections, outflow, skin collapse and nasal breakdown, seems to have gone out.

The mechanism of throwing out seams that are not absorbed through the skin of the nose is roughly two shapes:
 1. foreign Body Reactions
 2. during the healing, the movement of the layer with the underlying seam towards the surface
Before the surgery, the injected local anesthetic drug is seen to come out of the skin from different areas on the nose ...

Non-absorbable (permanent) suture materials in nasal surgery can be used for many different purposes, such as fixing cartilage grafts together, sewing skin cross-sectional areas, and shaping cartilages.

 Depending on the non-absorbent stitches, the following problems can sometimes occur:
• foreign body reactions
• recurrent subcutaneous infections
• skin color changes
• opening at the bottom and throwing the stitch out
• areas of roughness or sagging on the skin surface

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