Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyp Video

Vocal cord nodules or "singer nodule" are benign (noncancerous) formations that can be seen in two vocal cords that arise due to improper use of the vocal tract. Especially voice artists, telephone counselors, teachers are seen to have long speech and vocalizations. When the bad words start to be used, soft, edematous areas appear on every vocal cord. When trauma to the vocal cords continues, these edible points become hardened and turn into nodules with round, smooth surface lesions.

Nodules can grow and cure according to the duration and amount of vocal cord trauma..

Depending on the amount of trauma in the vocal cords, these round lesions may be attached to the vocal cord by attaching it to a handle. These lesions are called "vocal polyps". The formation of polyps also facilitates cigarette smoking, apart from the bad use of the vocal cords.

Nodules and polyps cause the following symptoms:

- abnormal voice changes / hoarseness
- unclear sound due to air escape between the sound lines when talking
- "rude" sound
- "sizzling" or "forked" sound
- rude sound
- pain due to force on the ears
- feeling "throat bump"
- due to intense muscle work, neck pain
- reduced "pitch" range
- sound and body fatigue

You can find information about "Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyp - Endoscopic Examination of Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyp - Symptoms of Vocal Cord Polyp":

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