Mastoidectomy Operation Video

General treatment principles in patients with chronic otitis media, inflammation therapy and protection of the hearing. It is important that people with this disease protect their ears from water contact. Topical drop therapy and oral antibiotic treatment are used for inflammation treatment. In surgical treatment, mastoidectomy operations are performed in patients who have eardrum problems (myringoplasty and tympanoplasty) for the hole in the eardrum and inflammation islets trapped in the middle ear or cholesteatoma.

Cortical mastoidectomy or simple mastoidectomy (also known as the Schwartze procedure) removes mastoid air cells without the middle ear being affected. This is usually done for inflammation of the mastoid bone. It is a surgical procedure to remove inflammatory bone tissue with an incision made behind the ear when medical treatment is not effective. Due to the widespread use of these ameliorative antibiotics, there is rarely a single need nowadays.

Modified radial mastoidectomy surgery is designed to remove only the inflamed mastoid bone site and the external auditory canal wall if the cholesteatoma has not spread to the middle ear, medial to the head of the malleus or the incus of the incus. Canal wall down can be used in the same sense as mastoidectomy. This procedure is usually performed in the ear, which is the only hearing and cholesteatoma. Since it is intended to protect all or part of the structures in the middle ear; a surgical procedure in which the hearing is protected.

In radical mastoidectomy surgery, all of the middle ear structures and the external auditory canal are removed, and the mastoid bone and middle ear are turned into a single cavity. That is, while hearing is not protected during radical mastoidectomy surgery; Modified radical mastoidectomy attempts to protect the hearing structures. That is, this procedure is a simple mastoidectomy and radical mastoidectomy when considering the size of the procedure.

As with simple mastoidectomy and radical mastoidectomy, the skin is removed with retroauricular incision made behind the ear. Mastoide bone area with tour and microscope area.

Yu can find details at >> Mastoidectomy Operation / Colesteatoma - Definition, Symptoms, Complications and Treatment

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