Middle Ear Fluid (Serous Otitis Media - Otitis Media With Effusion) Video

Middle Ear Fluid (Serous Otitis Media -  Otitis Media With Effusion)


Otitis media with effusion (EOM or OME / serous otitis media ) is used in the middle ear cavity to mean that the fluid collection is without an indication of infection. In this case, serous or secretory otitis media
(This fluid can accumulate in the middle ear as a result of colds, sore throat or upper respiratory tract infection. In SOM, the fluid usually resolves spontaneously within 4 to 6 weeks, ie usually heals spontaneously. However, in some cases the fluid may cause temporary hearing loss if it lasts longer, or it may cause acute otitis media (acute otitis media) as a fluid infection.

Risk Factors for SOM or Otitis Media With Effusion (OME)

۞ Living in a cold environment
۞ The child is in the nursery environment
۞ Feeding on the bottle while lying on the back
۞ Geniz flesh growth
۞ Cold or allergic conditions that can cause nasal congestion.
۞ Exposure to cigarette smoke
۞ Small babies do not feed with breast milk
ר History of ear infections
۞ Craniofacial abnormalities (eg cleft palate and cleft lip)
۞ Finding a disease or condition that can affect the immune system
SOM or Efusion Otitis Media (EOM) Symptoms

SOM indications are less prominent than acute otitis media. Families, especially small babies, may not notice this indication.

Symptoms of Otitis Media With Effusion

The following are the most common symptoms of EOM:

۞ Low hearing
۞ Trying to catch the ears
۞ Delayed speech development
۞ Children at school age may experience nervousness and character changes
If this condition persists for longer than 3 months in the child and if there is a concern such as a decrease in hearing speech development or an impact on school performance.
If the pockets (retraction pockets) are present, an ear tube (myringotomy tubes) may be placed. The ear canal is drawn through a surgical procedure called myringotomy, and these tubes placed. The type - size of the tube to be inserted and how long it will last depends on the hearing level of the patient, the shape of the membrane and the structure of the aseptic middle ear fluid. Ear tubes
will prevent the ventilation of the middle ear cavity and the retraction of the ear membrane under negative pressure.
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