A Reason to Run Out of Eyes That Can Cause to Atypical Headache: Bone Spur in The Nose (Turkish Video)

Bony Spiky Septal Protrusion

The posterior part of the nasal septum, which divides the nasal cavity in two, is bone-shaped and sometimes protruding outwardly from the bone septum segment in the dorsal bone structure. In this bone structure, which is usually accompanied by nasal septum deviations and is seen on the posterior side, the hard, dulled protrusions are called "bone spur formation / bone spur formation / osteophyte / nose bone spur / nasal bone spur" in this bone and cause painful stimuli.

Bone spur formation is usually found as part of the nasal septum deviation. In other words, in addition to the nasal obstruction due to the nasal septum deviation and the statement about open mouth sleep, atypical headaches that are unexplained are thought to result in nasal pressure and contact end result, which is made by bone spur formation.

Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Atypical Headache - Nose Bone Spur - Bone Spur Formation of The Nose Definition - Symptoms of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Treatment of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation
In the photo above, it can be seen that the nasal septal spur is in contact with the lateral nasal wall.

Does nasal bone spur formation resolve spontaneously?  

This structure, which has turned into a bone protrusion in the nasal septum, does not correct itself.  

Nasal bone spur treatment?  

Nasal bone spur treatment consists of the excision of this part during the septoplasty operation performed for the treatment of deviated nasal septum.  Apart from this, with the help of micro motor, the procedure can be performed in the form of correction of the bone daughter of the nasal bone spur. 

Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Atypical Headache - Nose Bone Spur - Bone Spur Formation of The Nose Definition - Symptoms of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation - Treatment of The Nasal Bone Spur Formation
In the image above, septoplasty and septal spur removal procedures were performed on the patient with headaches, severe septum deviation and The Nasal Bone Spur Formation. As seen in the images above, a triangle-like, sharp-edged cartilage-bone spur is visible.

Nasal bone spur treatment fee 

Nasal bone spur treatment does not require an additional fee as it is performed during the correction of the septum deviation in the nose, however, an additional fee may be required when a micro motor is used to correct the bone spur formation. Nasal septal bone spur treatment fee is included in the septoplasty operation fee; The average surgical procedure price ranges from 2000 to 3000 US dollars.

Can nasal septal bone spur cause shape change in the nose?  

Nasal septal bone spur​​ is a spiky bone structure that extends laterally from the nasal septum, although it is not usually associated with the shape of the nose; Its cause has been associated with trauma.  In other words, nasal trauma that causes nasal septal bone spur to occur may also cause nasal deformity.  Presence or excision of nasal septal bone spur alone does not affect the shape of the nose.  

Is nasal septal bone spur always removed in standard covered technical septoplasty operations?  

Normally, many otolaryngologists excise the cartilage and bone areas of the septum, which narrows the air passage in the nose, during the septoplasty operation.  Some surgeons may not excise the spur during septoplasty unless the nasal septal bone is in contact with the spur turbinates or the lateral nasal wall and does not narrow the air passage too much.

Contact Point Headaches,Bony Nasal Septal Spur,nose bone spur,

The photo above shows the septal bone spur formation, which was resected during the septoplasty operation. The patient had atypical headaches and after the procedure, after the intranasal silicone splints were removed, the patient stated that these pains disappeared. On examination, this bone spur was found to be in contact with the left inferior turbinate. In the patient, the area was compressed with lidocaine cotton, but there was no significant change in the pain during the examination. Again, in order to understand whether the atypical pain is caused by the spur before the operation, local anesthetic injection can be applied to the areas where the bone spur contacts, and the patient can be re-evaluated in terms of pain, reduction in pain after local anesthetic injection, may suggest that the headache may be caused by bone spur formation. If, during the operation, resection of this sharp-rimmed bone contact area, like a test, causes a reduction in pain in the patient, it can be concluded that the atypical headache is due to septal bone formation. Closed technique classical septoplasty operation + turbinate radiofrequency reduction procedure + nasal septal spur resection was performed on the above patient. Total procedure time is around 20-30 minutes. General anesthesia may be preferred for the comfort of the patient.

Contact Point Headaches,Bony Nasal Septal Spur,nose bone spur,

How can patients tell if there is a nasal septal bone spur? 

Nasal septal bone spur formation is usually detected during endoscopic nasal examination. The presence of nasal septal bone spur cannot be detected by looking directly at the nose from the outside. In addition to nasal congestion, patients do not have any additional​​ symptoms except headache. Nasal septal bone spur can be detected incidentally after paranasal sinus tomography.

Bony Nasal Septal Spur,nose bone spur,Contact Point Headaches,
In the photo on the side, a cystic structure (retention cyst) is seen, where the bone spur originating from the nasal septum reaches out and contacts the lateral nasal wall and fills the left maxillary sinus almost completely. The right inferior turbinate is hypertrophic.

Septoplasty + endoscopic intervention to the maxillary sinus was planned for the treatment of this patient.

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