Dorsal Hump Reduction of The Nose (Nasal Hump Reduction) Video

Nose Hump Reduction

Nose bridge rasping, which is done as part of nasal surgery, can sometimes be performed alone or in combination with rhinoplasty or nose tip plasty operation. Using up-to-date microdrill (micromotor) or ultrasonic devices ensures that the procedure is completed with much less trauma, provides a shorter recovery time, and causes less swelling.

Hump ​​Reduction With Micromotor System is Less Traumatic

Hump ​​Reduction With Micromotor System is Less Traumatic
By using a micromotor or microdrill system, bone and cartilage hump reduction is possible without trauma to the nasal skin. Although it is a minimally traumatic device like an ultrasonic device, it can also be used to shape cartilage tissue at the same time. Unlike the metal hump files used in the past, serious downward physical force is not required and allows hump reduction without touching the nose skin at the same time.

Hump ​​Reduction Cost With Micromotor System

We usually do this as a part of nasal tip aesthetics or rhinoplasty operations, and the decisive point in the total operation fee is the duration of the procedures performed, the hospital chosen. Generally, the price of primary rhinoplasty operation varies between 3500-4500 US Dollars; The cost of simple nasal tip aesthetics + hump reduction with micromotor varies between 2500-3500 US Dollars.

Will There Be Bruising After Hump Reduction With Micromotor System?

Any trauma to the bone can cause blood loss and bruising is natural. Blood leakage is usually minimal when microaumatic procedures are performed. It is much less than the classical rhinoplasty operation.

Is External Cast Required After Hump Reduction With Micromotor System?

Compressed nose taping is usually sufficient after hump reduction; In addition, external cast placement may be beneficial in reducing edema and bruising in patients.

Is Nose Packing Necessary After Hump Reduction With Micromotor System?

When hump reduction is performed alone, the operation can be terminated without the use of nasal packing, but it is generally appropriate to use a nasal packink during this procedure, as a procedure such as septoplasty, correction of nasal septum deviation in the nose or nasal tip aesthetics is also performed.

When Can Glasses Be Used After Hump Reduction With Micromotor System?

After the classical rhinoplasty operation, it is inconvenient to use glasses for at least 6 months; Only after dorsal hump reduction, glasses can be used after a few months. It is ideal to get information from your doctor who performed your surgery on this subject.

Is Ice Application Necessary After Hump Reduction With Micromotor System?

When only hump reduction is performed without breaking the nasal bone, it is beneficial for the patient to rest vertically, stay in a cool place and have low blood pressure, in reducing swelling and bruising after the procedure. Applying ice to the face for a few days may be helpful in reducing the swelling around the nose.

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