How to Make a Nasal Massage After Aesthetic Nose Surgery?

Day 6 - Nose Massage After Nose Job Operation

Nasal massage techniques and applications that can be done after nasal aesthetic surgery are controversial. Recommendations about these massage techniques may vary between clinics and physicians. Please do not apply this video without consulting your doctor.

The video shows two simple symmetrical nose massage. Apart from these massage techniques, there are many different massage applications.

After nasal surgery, nasal massage is recommended in terms of faster reduction of swelling, rapid formation of subcutaneous edema and healing texture. Nasal massage is recommended for the patient who underwent a nasal aesthetic surgery and after the external nasal splint and after the silicone nasal splints are removal is applied and symmetrical pressure application is suggested. (If there is a tape on nose, fisrtly it can be removed then the johnson baby oil, arnica gel, pure olive oil, , castor oil, bio-oil or essential oil can be used for fingers):

1. Light pressure massage with one finger from top to bottom and from top to bottom. During this massage, the nose can be supported by the tip of the other hand index finger.

2. Apply symmetrical pressure from front to back, massage with point and thumb. Again during this massage the nose can be supported by the tip of the other hand index finger.

As a nasal massage, I usually recommend applying 3 or 4 times a day for a few minutes.

Do not apply nasal massage to your doctor. You can read about the "wrong nose massage" link:

Dr.Murat Enoz Is Talking About "Nose Massage After Rhinoplasty"


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