Nasal Septum Deviation Animation

Nasal septum (nose septum) is a structure consisting of cartilage and bone, which divides the nasal cavity vertically into two separate cavities. This septum is referred to as the "nasal septum deviation / nasal cartilage / nose septum curvature". In the adjacent photograph, it is seen that the right nasal passage is completely closed, depending on the curvature to the right, in the front part of the nasal septum. Because of mechanical obstruction, treatment this curvature is not possible with medical treatment.

Patients with nasal septum deviations may experience symptoms such as nasal obstruction, mouth-to-mouth sleep, throat instability, frequent sinusitis attacks, snoring, and more relaxed sleep when the patient is lying to the side of his deviation during sleep.

The nasal septum deviations are more or less common. Approximately 90% of patients presenting with nasal obstruction complain of septum deviation.

Endoscopic nasal examination can allow easily to diagnosing of nasal septum deviations.

Nasal septum deviation treatment can be done with a simple surgical procedure, known as septoplasty surgery, lasting 10-20 minutes.

You can find detailed information about the septoplasty operation link >> Septoplasty Operation in Istanbul

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