Nose: The Guardian of Your Lungs

Nose is a very important organ which the heats, warms and moistens the atmosphere air. Filtration of foreign substances in the external environment and ensures that all the particles. Other than of smelling it has very important tasks associated with breathing air.

Pressurized, clean, warm and humidified air is passed from nose to the end of airway in lung. Compared to the mouth, the nasal airway passages are small. Nasal breathing should be of a smallish volume because of order to make the its important physiological functions. In an adult, 18,000 to 20,000 liters of air pass through the nose each day. Normally working of nose is very important for absorption of oxygen in the lungs. Furthermore, nasal filtering of breathing air is very important for the prevention of pulmonary infection.

For these and many other reasons, normal nasal function is essential.

Do your lungs a favor; take care of your nose.

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