Revision Tongue Tie Release Surgery Video

Revision Tongue Tie Operation

Many of the information about tongue tie and treatment has recently begun to be clarified. In this video, an adult patient's tongue tie examination, before and after the tongue tie operation, was performed with an inadequate language tie-down. In fact, the information in this video shows how important the middle part of the tongue is released during the first tongue tie surgery and how important it is to perform tongue tie massage or tongue tie exercises after the procedure.

Criterias for Revision Tongue Tie Operation in Infants:

. Inadequate increase in tongue movement and reattachment to the base of the mouth during tongue hand examination

. Contiune to mom biting on her nipple after the first tongue tie relase surgery
. Long suction time
. Absence of satiety in baby despite long absorption period
. During baby's sucking, the tummy gets tired instead of being vacuumed
. Baby's chewing or biting your mother's nipple
. Development retardation in the baby

Criterias for Revision Tongue Tie Operation in Adult Patients:

. Continuation of bifurcation and limitation of movement after the procedure
. Failure to touch tongue tip to upper teeth when mouth is open
. Stress or sharpness reduction in some words during quick talk
. Strain while lifting tongue tip upward

If there is a reduction in pre-existing complaints due to tongue tie, a speech therapist or an otolaryngologist interested in the subject should be consulted.

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