Type III Anterior Tongue Tie - Before and After Tongue Tie Release Operation

Type III tongue tie is a type of tongue tie that is lagging behind Type II and does not cause bifurcation at the tip of the tongue. It is usually noticed at older ages. Decreased clarity during a fast conversation can cause the expression of difficulty in extracting the tongue. Type I and Type II anterior tongue ties may be less noticeable in infancy because they affect the tongue edge.

Type III anterior tongue tie can cause sharpness disturbance during fast talk and when speaking the words that start with the letters ("R", "S", "T", "D") that require the tongue to touch the upper display.
The video also showed that the patient with a complaint of impaired sharpness and difficulty in some words due to a Type III tongue tie was able to change the tongue tip quite difficultly behind the upper teeth during the mouth opening before the procedure and after the tongue tongue cut under the local anesthesia, it can be seen that when the mouth is open, it can touch the upper teeth and the upper lip.

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