Can Tongue Tie Understandable by Looking at the Tip of The Tongue?

Tongue Tip Shape Can Inform About Tongue Tie!

Tongue tie shape and structure can be understood in babies with tongue ties, when looking into the mouth or during manual examination.

Tongue can be influenced by the tongue tie in the tongue structure over time in children who grow up without notice.

In children with Type 1 and Type 2 anterior tongue ties, the tongue ties to the tongue tip, so if the tongue tongue is taken to the front, bending at the tongue tip, downward tongue tip can be seen. Videoda Type 1 anterior tongue Tie appears to be bifurcated due to the fact that the muscle group on both sides of the tongue tip is functioning normally when the tongue is attempted to be pulled out in the younger patient.

Videoda has an interesting detail. The fact that patients with anterior tongue tie can move their tongue in the mouth much more comfortably on both sides can be detected as a consequence of restricting the movement of the tongue.

Anterior tongue tie patients can cause the tongue to be flatter and wider because the tongue does not grow well forward and the muscle group that lifts the tongue tip up can not work in sufficient quantities. In patients with posterior tongue tie that is not visible and located under the mucosa, the tongue may be shorter and wider to the side; it is even thought that the term "language shortness" is used incorrectly for the posterior tongue tie (submucosal tongue tie).

Patients with type 1 and type 2 anterior tongue ties who try to move the tongue edge with perseverance may occasionally tongue tie tearing and prominence in the forked end of the tongue.
It can be seen that the patient with type 2 anterior tongue tie shown in the picture did not reach the tongue tip of the posterior tongue tie and that the tongue tip could be lifted upwards. The rounded and slightly bifurcated appearance of the tongue is remarkable.

You Can Learn About Tongue Tie By Looking At Your Baby's Tongue Tip!

If the following images are present when you look at the tongue of your baby, the presence of a tight and taut tongue tie is almost certain:

- bifurcation at the tip of the tongue
- heart shaped tongue tip
- v-shaped tongue tip
- upward prominence at the tongue margins

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