Lingual Frenectomy Operation With Thermal Welding Device Video - 2

17-year-old patient with an anterior tongue tie, almost reaching the tongue and tongue near the tongue base, was planned to perform a tongue tie release surgery with a Thermal Welding Device.

Parallel to the tongue and just below the tongue, the tongue tie is cut with the probe of the thermal welding device. During the procedure, it appears that the tongue is released upwardly away from the mouth base.

Although mucosal injury after surgery is minimal; a local anesthetic injection was made in the incision area, the incision area was stitched with absorbable fine suture material and the inside of the mouth was washed with cold serum.

After the operation, the incision area under the tongue and the sutures to be seen are seen. It is seen that the mucosa is not allowed to burn due to any heat damage and the tongue tip can be lifted up from the mouth base comfortably.

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