Before and After The Operation of Type 2 Tongue Tie

Lingual Frenulum Release Surgery Video (Turkish)

Type 2 anterior tongue ties do not reach the tongue tip, and they do not restrict tongue movements until Type 1 tongue ties. Adult patients usually go to the doctor with complaints such as difficulty in speaking some words, impaired clarity when speaking fast, fingers tongue tip when the mouth is open and the tongue is lifted up, and tartar build up on the inner surfaces of the back teeth.
It can be seen that when the tongue tip was lifted upwards before the procedure it was forked and could not be touched to the upper teeth when the mouth was fully open. The patient who underwent tongue tie relase surgery under local anesthesia seems to move more easily after the procedure.
Stitches that can be seen on the videotape, which are very superficial, usually fall off by themselves in a few days. Tongue tip appears edematous due to local anesthetic injection.

As seen in the video above, in a tongue that has grown and developed with a tongue tie, bifurcation, a nearly rounded appearance at the tongue tip, wide tongue structure and short tongue structure can be seen. At the same time, depending on the tongue not being able to move enough to the upper jaw (you can browse the images on the internet about the correct tongue posture in infancy), there is also an impact on the development of the jaw and facial bones.

After tongue tie release surgery performed in adulthood, it is not possible to completely reverse the effect on the jaw and tongue structure. Patients may notice relief in tongue movements, improvement in swallowing and articulation.

Tongue tie exercises and myofunctional therapy are recommended in adult patients after tongue tie release surgery.

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