Valsalva Maneuver and Tympanic Membrane Movement Video

Ear Equalization Technique With Valsalva Maneuvering

As can be seen in the case of pressure trauma to the eardrum during upper respiratory tract infections, diving and air travel; can also be seen in the case of eustachian tube insufficiency in which middle ear ventilation is affected. In children, adenoid hypertrophy, middle ear fluid (serous otitis media) and adult patients may be present in cases of nasal obstruction.

After the mouth is inhaled, unclogging or pressure equalization is called "Valsalva Maneuver" by closing the nose and blowing air through the ear.

Valsalva During the maneuver, the pressure in the head is increased and it should not be done without consulting a doctor. A patient who has undergone ear surgery, nose surgery or any other surgical intervention must make this maneuver by consulting a physician.
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