Lingual Frenectomy Operation With Thermal Welding Device Video - 3

Bloodless and Bladeless Lingual  Frenectomy With Thermal  Welding

A patient with complaints of difficulty in speaking out, talking tongue out of mouth who was 3.5 years old and tongue tie was detected on the his examination.

The process was planned using the Thermal Welding Device, which minimizes heat damage, without blisters and blades.

Prior to the procedure, thermal injury to the thermal welding method and injection of tongue tie were injected with the addition of local anesthetic, saline, and physiological saline to reduce pain.
In the new tongue tie classification, rather than the tongue tie nie structure (short, thick, corrugated ...), the placement of the tongue tie in relation to the tongue tip is taken into account. It is thought that the closer the language is to the end, the more restrictive the language movements and the more likely it will be. "Free tongue" is defined as the free-moving tongue tip area.

Tongue tie is cut parallel to the tongue with Thermal Welding probe. As the tongue tie is cut, it appears that the tongue tip rises back more comfortably.

The upper part of the tongue tie contains various veins, while the lower part contains salivary gland channels. Care should be taken not to damage this structure as it goes backwards.

With the suture material of the soluble feature, open mucosal areas are closed by expelling superficial mucosal seams. The tongue extension can also be sutured. Tongue tie a deep suture due to throwing, salivary gland channels and injured salivary duct (ranula) occurred cases reported.

In patients with short and proximal tongue tails, bifurcation occurs at the tongue tip from the very front of the tongue tie, depending on the effort to pull the tongue out constantly and the tongue blocking effect. There is a hollowed out area at the end of the tongue.

The sublingual area is seen in the control performed after the bloodless and blunt tongue tie operation, which is done with the Thermal Welding method, which has the lowest mucosal damage.
Mucosal damage after tongue tie operation performed by laser is more than Thermal Welding. For this reason, patients may feel more pain after tongue tie cutting than Thermal Welding method.

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