Right Maxillary Sinus Retention Cyst That Draining Into The Nasal Cavity

Endoscopic evacuation of the retention cyst located in the right maxillary sinus, with the inner wall of the sinus pushed into the nose. The patient had complaints such as fullness, pain and pressure feeling due to the right chronic maxillary sinusitis.

Complaints of patient are disappeared after the endoscopically evacuation maxillary sinus contents. Maxillary sinus retention cysts are usually asymptomatic and treatment is not always necessary.

Retention cysts and solitary polyps are often asymptomatic as incidental findings in the paranasal sinuses and are considered complications of inflammatory sinusitis.

Mucous retention cysts are more common than serous retention cysts. Serous retention cysts are caused by the accumulation of fluid in the submucosal layer, while mucous retention cysts are caused by blockage of the seromucous glands. Retention cysts are common in the maxillary sinuses and have been detected in 9-35% of radiological studies.36 Retention cysts and solitary polyps appear flat on CT and MRI as outwardly convex soft tissue masses. MR signal intensities of cysts and polyps depend on their protein and water content.

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