Animation of Otosclerosis Disease (Growth of Spongy Bone in The Middle Ear)

In otosclerosis (or otospongiosis), a decrease in the sound transmission and hearing loss occurs due to the hardening (ossification) of the base of the stapes bone, which is innermost from the 3 ossicles in the middle ear, which is ideal for stapesectomy operations after the stiffening base has been removed are equipped with Teflon piston or intelligent metal technology (Titanium prosthesisis such as Nitibond®). Teflon piston is the most commonly used prosthesis in otosclerosis surgery. This disase is causing progressive conductive hearing loss due to over growth of spongy bone in the middle ear (abnormal formation of new bone in the middle).

Stapedectomy surgery is the most effective treatment for patients with a certain level of conductive - type hearing loss due to middle ear calcification.

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