Why Surgeons Need Cartilage Grafts From Rib Or Pinna in Revision Rhinoplasty Operations?

Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage
Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage

Revision Rhinoplasty and Using of Additional Cartilage Tissue

During revision nasal aesthetic surgeries, additional cartilage tissue is needed in some patients to correct existing asymmetries, to create tissue for subcutaneous camouflage, or to reconstruct nasal support cartilage tissue.

What is the "Autograft"?

Autografts are derived or taken from the patient's own body and include bone (rib, iliac crest, septal, calvarial) and cartilage (septal, conchal, rib).

What is the "Homograft"?

Homografts are obtained from another human donor and include irradiated cadaveric rib and dermis (source >> Premaxillary Augmentation Rhinoplasty Treatment & Management).

How should the characteristics of cartilage be used in revision rhinoplasty operations?

It is not easy to answer this question, but in general, the cartilages to be used in revision nasal aesthetic operations should have the following characteristics:

- easy to reshaping
- durable (the rib cartilage has a durable and rigid structure, but the pinna cartilage is flexible and not resistant to pressure)
- after the cartilage grafts are preparing and placing in the nose, the cartilage grafts are not become bent or twisted (especially cartilage grafts obtained from rib cartilages are available for deformity or curvature before the operation is completed), oblique isoniazis technique is used and the nose is kept in serum before it is settled)
- easy to obtain (although the pinna cartilage is easily obtained by surgical procedures, rib cartilag grafting is a little more difficult and painful)
- It is easy to adapt to the tissue, and the risk of infection, tissue rejection should be very low or not at all (there is no risk in the patient's own cartilage cartilage, and if the cadaveric rib cartilage is too low, there is a risk that sterile operating room environment It is important)

Rib Cartilage
Human Rib Cartilage Grafting During The Revision Rhinoplasty Operation

Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage
Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage

Many studies shwed that irradiated homologous rib cartilage is well tolerated and safe for use in rhinoplasty operations (source link >> Rib Cartilage Safe for Rhinoplasty)

For patients who have previously undergone repetitive nose operations and who do not want to have an additional surgical grafting procedure, cadaver rib cartilage is perhaps the preferred rescue and facilitating procedure. In pirimary rhinoplasty operations, cadaveric rib cartilage is rarely needed.

Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage
Irradiated Cadaver Rib Cartilage

Why revision rhinoplasty operations are difficult?

Depending on many factors such as the difficulty of tissue dissection during complicated revision nose surgery, the difficulty of the surgeon to master the altered anatomical structure due to previous operations, and the fact that the information obtained on preoperative and postoperative examinations are different from each other, "revision rhinoplasty operation is a difficult operation that requires the operating surgeon to know the different surgical techniques during surgery".

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Revision Rhinoplasty With Cadaveric Rib Cartilage Video

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