Why Vertigo Is Not Seen In Whirling Dervishes?

Dr. Murat Enöz explain that why dizziness or vertigo are not seen in whirling dervishes

In the French documentary about Whirling Dervishes, Sufi Music and Istanbul, Dr. Murat Enöz explain that why dizziness or vertigo are not seen in whirling dervishes while they doing "Sema".

The interview was broadcast on the "Arte Channel".

Why vertigo is not seen in whirling dervishes?  - Do whirling dervishes get dizzy? - Why dizziness is not seen in whirling dervishes? - Why do whirling dervish's not get dizzy? - Why do sufi dervishes not get dizzy?

Why Dizziness or Vertigo Does Not Occur In Semazens While Sema Show?

There are three pieces which balance the system. The eyes, deep sense, the inner ear and the brain is responsible for providing the balance. Three semicircular canal, called the organs utrikul and sakkul in the inner ear which sensitive to the movements of the head available. Movements during the "sema", their wearings, inner peace, their diet prevent the emergence of dizziness, nausea, a imbalance sense in Whirling dervishes (or Semazens).

How To Act Of Semazen's While Performing of "Sema Show"

Whirling Dervishes move their heads approximately twenty-five degrees to the right, they open the arms, the fingers of the right hand pointing upwards and tthe fingers of the left hand look at down during the “Sema Show”. Their body turns to the left toward the left leg with the heart line. Eyes were at half-open position while surroundings monitored. Right foot is called as "Wheel / çark ", left foot is called as "pole / direk". The rotary movement to the left is called as "whirling / çark atma", three hundred and sixty - degree rotation is called as "pole holding / direk tutma ".

Everything In “Sema Show” Has Special Importance

All traditional movements of Semazens before and during the “Sema Show” have significant effects on health.

Importance of shifting the rotation axis towards the left side from the midline: 

Shifting the rotation axis of the body from midline to vertical axis which between of the left leg and the heart minimizes shake while rotation, minimize the stimulation of the inner ear balance center.

Importance of eyes half-open condition with looking to thumb of the left hand:

While eyes half-open condition whirling dervishes has blurred vision this is providing a "optical fixation". Semazens  head tilted slightly to the right, his face slightly turned to the left, his eyes at half-open position look to the thumb of the left. This “Sema”method can allow optical fixations regardless of the fact that large or small room and providing dizziness.

The importance of the 25 degrees to the right head-lying position:

In this position, the left ear drum at above and right ear membrane at below. During the returning to the head to the left without shaking and swaying movement at this position, three Semicircular canals in the inner ear are stimulated equally.

The importance of Semazens wear called "Tennure"

Both pairs of Tennure skirts opens during Semazens turning around them. In this way due to the centrifugal forces the right or left swinging of the Semazen in the vertical plane and the possibility of shaking reduces. (LIKE bat of rope dancer )The symmetrically sewing of skirts is very important. Skirt of Tennure can also give the feeling of coolness with the ventilator effect of its.

Importance of Semazens nutritional actions:

Whirling Dervishes avoid overeating and avoid to eat some foods which can increase the stomach acid as faty foods and meat. They performing the “Sema Show” immediately after the evacuation of the stomach, while not not hungry or not satiated this can reducing blood pressure in the brain and reduce dizziness.

The importance of inner peace of Semazens during the "Sema":

Rotation motion is considered to represent allow to see God in every direction during the “Sema Show” and taking to light from all sides, foot hiting is considered to represent the crushing to his lowerself, openning of arms to both sides is considered to represent. orientation of maturity, openning down to the left hand while the right hand openning up is considered to represent the scattered of light or mercy from God to the public. Whirling Dervish dance with this mind system (or way of thinking) can reduce muscle tone, the prevent elevating the semazen’s blood pressure and increase the durability of the Semazen. Cylinder-shaped cap worn during “Sema Show” thought to be an important for the fixation of energy on skull.

Health Problem Which Can be Shown in Semazens

The number of scientific studies on the subject is not enough. The right side tilting of the head for a long time during the this mystic show can cause shift in the neck vertebraes joints and damage cervical spine ligaments. At the rigt leg calf vein pump is working and the blood upward ejecting this can prevent the formation of varicose veins, however left leg which fewer moving and calf pump works less than rigth side varicose veins can be occure. Specific health problems in Semazens were not reported. However, the number of scientific papers is not sufficient.

Semazen Habits Can Be Used to Treat Motion Sickness And Dizziness

Seamazen’s traditions can be used for rehabilitation of patients with vertigo and motion sickness. The head movements while looking a point (such as Gaze stabilization exercises) can be used for vestibular rehabilitation in patients with dizzines related with the inner ear. Avoiding the eating of some foods that increase gastric acid before boarding, fixing the eyes to the vehicle direction at the horizon and avoiding the unnecessary movements of the head can be very useful in patients with motion sickness or seasickness.
There is a study available from Selcuk University (by Prof. Dr. Fuat Yöntemli).

The "Sema" is a mesmerizing and spiritual ritual performed by the whirling dervishes, who are members of the Mevlevi Order, a Sufi Islamic order founded by the followers of the Persian poet and mystic Rumi. The Sema is a form of worship, meditation, and prayer expressed through a series of intricate and symbolic movements. It is a central part of the Mevlevi tradition, and the dance itself is known for its symbolism and spiritual significance.

During the Sema, the whirling dervishes perform a series of specific exercises and movements:

1. **The Ceremony's Beginning and Reverence**: The ceremony begins with a prayer, after which the dervishes greet the sheikh (spiritual leader) and one another. They wear a white robe (symbolizing death to the ego), a black cloak (symbolizing the ego's worldly existence), and a tall brown hat (symbolizing the tombstone).

2. **The Whirling**: The central and most iconic part of the Sema is the whirling itself. The dervishes spin in a counterclockwise direction with their right foot grounded and their left foot lifted slightly off the ground. They rotate while raising their right arm to the sky and their left arm toward the ground, symbolizing the flow of divine grace into the earth and back to the heavens.

3. **The Four Salutes**: The whirling dervishes perform four salutes during the ceremony, each having specific symbolic meaning. These salutes represent humility, love, ecstasy, and rapture.

4. **The Turning of the Heart**: This is a gesture during which the dervishes place their right hand on their heart and their left hand on their left foot, symbolizing the unity of heart and mind in devotion to God.

5. **Reaching for Unity**: Toward the end of the Sema, the dervishes raise their arms in a symbolic gesture of embracing God's blessings and sharing them with the world.

6. **The Closing**: The ceremony concludes with a prayer of thanks and a procession of the dervishes out of the room.

The Sema is not a dance for entertainment; it is a spiritual practice meant to bring the participants closer to God and to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment and unity. The spinning of the dervishes is often accompanied by traditional music and chanting. The entire ritual is deeply symbolic, representing the journey of the soul towards spiritual realization and unity with the divine.

The Sema is considered a beautiful and profound expression of Sufi mysticism and has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It continues to be performed in Turkey and other parts of the world to this day.

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