Does Health Insurance Cover The Rhinoplasty Operation in Istanbul?

Is Nose Job in Istanbul Typically Included in Health Insurance Coverage?

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For Domestic Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies in Istanbul generally exclude all aesthetic surgical procedures. There are, however, health insurance companies that add the rhinoplasty operation at an additional cost to the cover of the health insurance policy. When rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul is performed with turbinate radiofrequency and septum deviation correction surgery (septoplasty operation) for functional nasal problems, these functional procedures are included in gender coverage. In this system, which is known as the "weighted bill payment system" and which is funded entirely by patients who are caused by aesthetic surgery applications, the amount that patients are required to pay is normally higher.

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Turkey's health insurance may sometimes want to see the nose lateral radiographs or photo nose of patients after nasal surgery (septoplasty only or turbinate radiofrequency writing, rhinoplasty operation in order to identify patients who do). If the rhinoplasty operation is concealed, there are different sanctions and judicial punishments. If surgery is to be performed using health insurance, a report on all surgical procedures must be written before and after surgery. Remember that all costs associated with the rhinoplasty operation will be paid by you.

Before the functional nose surgery, the health insurer requires a detailed physical examination form, planned operations, and documents proving the patient's illness before the surgery in Turkey. That is, it appears that the planned nose operation was covered or not covered by the health insurance before the operation (preliminary approval of the provision).

For International Health Insurance Companies

I would like to add below a few details of patients who are international health insurance and who would like to have a rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul:

- If you want to have an aesthetic rhinoplasty operation, you can pay as much as the agreement between the hospital where the rhinoplasty operation is planned and your health insurance company (there are high numbers which are changed according to the countries and are not generally discounted! ...)

- As in all nasal aesthetic surgeries, there is a possibility that undesirable conditions may occur after surgery. In general, the problems that arise after nasal aesthetic surgery are acceptable minor problems. However, there may be various functional or aesthetic problems that may require revision in 10 out of 100 patients. Thick skin and revision, especially after complicated nasal aesthetic surgery may be more likely to have problems. Giving the patient a guarantee of trouble-free operation with a single operation is both unscientific. If the patient wishes to have a fully symmetrical nose, there are two ways, either not accepting the surgery or performing guaranteed nasal esthetics as agreed by the health insurances. In this case, patients pay between 7 and 10 times preoperatively depending on the amount of problems in their existing nose. I do not prefer guaranteed nasal esthetics, but there are clinics working this way.

- If the rhinoplasty operation + functional nose surgeries (septoplasty, turbinate radiofrequency ...) is planned, all expenses of the hospital costs incurred from the rhinoplasty operation and the expenses of the physician will be paid by you (the amount to be paid is between the hospital and the cruelty insurance) Please note that you will pay for transactions. Numbers vary according to the country, additional taxes and high figures may arise …

- All health insurances require a pre-operative physical examination report, a surgical report and, if necessary, radiological imaging and laboratory tests

- If you are planning surgery for rhinoplasty in Istanbul and accompanying surgery for nasal obstruction or chronic sinusitis, getting a discounted surgery price from your physician before using health insurance may mean "less money" for you!

The coverage of rhinoplasty by health insurance can vary significantly depending on your insurance plan and the specific reasons for the surgery. In most cases, health insurance companies do not cover rhinoplasty for purely cosmetic reasons. However, if the procedure is deemed medically necessary, such as for correcting a breathing problem or a deformity resulting from an injury, your health insurance may provide coverage. It's essential to check with your insurance provider and your surgeon to determine if your rhinoplasty operation is eligible for coverage and to understand any associated costs or requirements.

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