Can I Wear Glasses After Septoplasty Operation?

Navigating Eyewear After Septoplasty

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Before delving into the intricacies of wearing glasses post-septoplasty, it's crucial to comprehend the nature of the procedure. Septoplasty is a surgical intervention aimed at correcting a deviated septum, a condition that can lead to breathing difficulties and other nasal issues. The surgery involves reshaping the septum to improve airflow, but how does it affect the use of eyeglasses? 

Undergoing a septoplasty is a significant step toward improving nasal health, but as you embark on your recovery journey, questions may arise regarding everyday activities. One common query is whether wearing glasses is permitted after a septoplasty operation. After closed septoplasty operations, light-framed glasses may be worn after the 2nd week; it is advisable not to wear spectacles for at least 2 months after surgery (such as after nasal tip plasty surgery), in the form of open technique septoplasty and reconstruction of the nasal tip support.

The nasal bone is unbreakable from the Septoplasty operations and the attachment of the thin, well-fitted frame, sitting on the bone region, does not cause the nasal septum to slip or bow. Apart from this, the glasses that are heavy and seated nose tip apply pressure on the nose septum. Please consider the recommendations of the physician who operated you for wearing glasses after the operation septoplasty operation.

You may want to bring sunglasses to go around the sunny beaches and take photos after the septoplasty operation in Istanbul, but direct contact with the sunlight in the first week can also increase the risk of bleeding ­čśë.

In cases where traditional glasses prove uncomfortable or impractical during the early stages of recovery, exploring alternate eyewear options can be beneficial. Contact lenses or lightweight frames that exert minimal pressure on the nose may offer a more comfortable solution until your nasal tissues have fully healed.
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