Can Nose Tip Plasty Operation Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia?

Nasal Tip Aesthetic Surgery

Nose tip plasty under the local anesthesia -  Nose tip lifting under the local anesthesia - Can nose tip reduction be performed under local anesthesia? - Can nose tip lifting be performed under local anesthesia?

In fact, a frequently asked question is "can nose tip lifting operation be performed under local anesthesia?" and "is it possible to perform nose tip plasty operation under local anesthesia?" ...

Specifying separately in the order of priority is the eastern and "nose tip lifting" operation, which is performed only for the purpose of directing the tip of the nose forward and upward, and sometimes can be done by closed method or without lifting the nose skin. Particularly nasal is suitable for patients who are thin and low, and the duration of the procedure is generally shorter. Nasal tip lifting can be performed alone under local anesthesia or under local anesthesia + sedation anesthesia. The "nasal tip aesthetic" or "nose tip plasty" procedure is performed to shape and remove the tip of the nose at the same time. It can be considered a slightly larger process. Nasal aesthetics are ideal for patients with large nasal and low-vision patients, especially as seen in the above photo. In these patient groups alone, nose removal may cause the nose tip to appear to be wider and unnaturally "ball-like" (the cephalic parts of the alar cartilage becomes even more pronounced). Nasal aesthetics can also be performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia + sedation anesthesia; it should not be forgotten that pain may be heard during injection of local anesthetic drugs and local anesthesia is the biggest pain in nasal surgery. If septoplasty and nasal surgery should be done in the nose with nasal aesthetic surgeries, general anesthesia will be more comfortable for the patient.

Nose tip plasty, a popular cosmetic procedure, can enhance the aesthetics of the nose by focusing on the nasal tip. Many individuals considering this surgery wonder about the type of anesthesia used during the procedure. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the details of nose tip plasty, its benefits, and the possibility of performing it under local anesthesia. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect if you're considering this minimally invasive rhinoplasty option.

The choice of anesthesia will be discussed between the patient and the surgeon, taking into consideration the specific details of the surgery, the patient's medical history, and their comfort and safety.

Understanding Nose Tip Plasty

Nose tip plasty, also known as tip rhinoplasty or tip refinement surgery, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance and proportion of the nasal tip. Unlike full rhinoplasty, which addresses various aspects of the nose, nose tip plasty focuses solely on refining and reshaping the tip. It can be an attractive option for individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nasal tip but do not require extensive changes to the rest of their nose.

The goals of nose tip plasty may include:
  • Correcting a bulbous or drooping tip.
  • Enhancing tip definition.
  • Adjusting the angle between the tip and upper lip.
  • Reducing nasal asymmetry. 
revision nose tipplasty
In the photo below, there is a before and after photo of the patient who underwent complicated revision nose tip aesthetic surgery. This patient underwent widening of the nasal valve stenosis with rib cartilage and lifting of the tip of the nose. Purple colored stitches fixing parasute grafts can be seen on the patient's nose wing. Although it is possible to perform such a surgery under local anesthesia; It will be a very uncomfortable surgical procedure for the patient. Patients may experience serious pain during local anesthetic injection into the tip of the nose. Not every patient's tolerance to pain is the same. It is useful to discuss this issue in detail with the patient before surgery. In patients with low pain tolerance, exaggerated blood pressure elevation during the procedure may cause bleeding during surgery and increased edema after surgery.

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