Does Kissing Cause HPV Infection or Wart ?

Kissing and Oral Papilloma 

Is oral papilloma warts transmitted in the mouth by kissing ?,Is human papillomavirus wart transmitted by kissing ?,human papilloma virus HPV,
Tonsil Papilloma

In fact, when asked this question quite often, I wanted to write it as a separate topic title. Oral sex has been shown to be associated with increased risk of these throat and mouth cancers caused by HPV. For this reason, it is not surprising that people ask if the kisser can cause HPV infection. Many scientific studies have emphasized that open mouth kissing and language kissing may be linked to HPV transmission. In the case-control study published in 2009, young men with habit of mouth-to-mouth kissing (french kissing, with the most tongue-tangled kissing ...), without oral sex; HPV infection in the mouth may be stressed. Some other scientific studies have also found a relationship between intimate kissing and oral HPV, but cases are rare and this relationship is not universal. In general, research shows that french kissing or other open mouth kissing can lead to HPV transmission.

Is oral papilloma warts transmitted in the mouth by kissing?,Is human papillomavirus wart transmitted by kissing?,human papilloma virus HPV,

Two reasons why you should not worry too much about kissing are:

1. Above all, oral HPV infections are relatively rare.
2. Most cases of HPV oral infections heal spontaneously, are treated, or the oral contagious lesions are reduced. Most patients do not cause long-term complications such as throat or oral cancer. For this reason, you should not panic to discover that you are kissing someone who has been exposed to oral HPV. It is unlikely to be transmitted in the mouth. It's even less likely that something serious will happen.

Historically, scientists believe that up to 80 percent of the sexually active population will become infected with HPV at some point in their life. The prevalence of the infection may vary because three HPV vaccines - Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Cervarix - are available. Nevertheless, the virus will remain widespread for many years.

It is important to remember that sexually active people are exposed to HPV at some point during their sexual lives. Most likely, many never know this and HPV infections do not cause any significant effect on their lives.

The percentage of contagiousness can be increased by kissing if the person on the other side has a high number of people entering the sexual connection through the mouth or if he or she is also receiving papillomatous treatment.

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