Ethnic Revision Nose Aesthetics (An Example for Difficult Nose Surgeries)

Revision Thick Skinned Rhinoplasty

Ethnic revision rhinoplasty surgeries, unlike other simple rhinoplasty surgeries, include the following features:

. the thicker skin structure limits the interventions that can be done for nasal shaping
. the thicker and thicker the structure of the nose skin, the greater the post-operative tissue edema and the prolongation of the healing period
. since the nose is thicker and weighs more, a cartilage graft is needed for adequate nasal support during the operation

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. it is very difficult to obtain a nose with visible light reflections from fine and different angles,
. due to oily skin properties, nasal tapes and external casts glued after ethnic rhinoplasty operations can be separated very early (oily skin dont allow long time patchy adherence)
. fibrosis during surgery, thick skin properties make the dissection very difficult
. care must be taken during minimization of the nostrils and careful alar base resection technique is required
. during the ethnic rhinoplasty operation, dead spaces between cartilages must be removed as far as possible with suturing techniques or cartilage graft applications
. during revision ethnic rhinoplasty operation, it is useful to shave off the nasal skin, but skin dissection is more difficult
. use of long-term edema and purifying herbal products after the operation of revision ethnic rhinoplasty, nasal massage with natural oils, use of retinoid-containing creams ... may be necessary.

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Regardless of all this, you have to be an experienced doctor on "ethnic rhinoplasty" and be patient for healing after the your ethnic rhinoplasty operation. Good luck 😊

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