Nutritional Recommendations After Septoplasty Operation

Nutrition after Septoplasty surgery - Nutrition recommendations after septoplasty operation - Precautions to be taken when eating after the operation of the septoplasty - Food that should not be eaten after the operation of the Septoplasty - Harmful dietary supplement products after septoplasty operation

Although there is no special nutritional way for the septoplasty operation, This link has been prepared because there are too many questions about this topic. If it is necessary to be fed after nose operations, it should also be fed after the operation of the Septoplasty. After the operation of the septoplasty and other nose operations, the nutrition considerations can be summarized as follows:

➤ For silicone in the nose, cleaning the ocean water with saline spray before eating can reduce the feeling of pressure hitting your ear and the sound of swallowing while eating.

➤ There is a risk of 10 days nosebleed, with a maximum of 3 days after the surgery. For this reason, you should not consume the products which may cause boiling and face-blown steam during this period, it is suitable to avoid spicy, garlic foods. Apart from these, fish oil pills containing omega-3, E vitamini, ginger, ginkgo biloba, cherry, sour cherry, blueberry and all alcoholic beverages are suitable to avoid bleeding and clotting or to increase the blood vessel enlargement risk.

➤ After rhinoplasty and nose tip plasty operation, there may be a feeling of tension or pain in the nose tip and upper teeth when the mouth is fully opened. This feeling is not usually seen after septoplasty. Although opening the mouth is not a problem, it is not appropriate to swallow food in large spots.
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