Recovery Time & Postoperative Care After Septoplasty Operation

Recovery Duration and After-Surgery Care Following Septoplasty Procedure

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Conventional septoplasty is performed within the nose, and a nasal packing is usually placed in the nose, such as a internal silicone splint or a lyophilized pad. I usually prefer to use silicone splints for my own sickness, and I myself have a surgery for deviation (which was effective even if I did not know the pain of the classic nasal pad and how it lived on me ....).

My purpose here is to inform you about what to do after the deviation surgery for my patients who have closed technical septoplasty operations. If the open technique septoplasty operation is planned and the procedure to be done after the procedure is the same as that after the open technique nose tip plasty operation, you can look at the links to the >>

Recovery time & Postoperative Care & Measures After The Septoplasty Operation

➤ postnasal bleeding from the front and nostrils is normal in the form of leakage or drip for the first 3 days after the deviation operation
➤ silicone splints in the nose are taken within 5-10 days. Most likely your room will give you detailed information on history when I come after surgery 😊
➤ please try to keep the holes of the silicon as open as possible by applying the ocean water spray to the inside and outside of the silicones as recommended by you. Otherwise, many distressed situations such as nasal obstruction, sound from the ear while swallowing, mouth open sleeping ... may occur during the healing period 😞
➤ If the silicon in the nose is obstructed due to insufficient cleaning, you should be very insistent on early removal because when the silicones are removed early, the nose will continue to swell due to the nasal surgery that is usually done with it and airway narrowing will occur again in the nose. Keep in mind that the silicone splints have the task of blocking the adhesions in the nose, controlling the hemorrhage by making equal pressure on the midline for the nose septum!
➤ healing of areas with mucosal damage in the nose after a deviation surgery usually takes a few weeks. Shampooed or soapy water touching these areas should be avoided during bathing. I generally suggest that if you can get sick, separate your heads backwards for 3 weeks and wash separately the rest of the body and shower with warm water
➤ after the deviation surgery, although it is not necessary to pay attention to the nose aesthetic surgery of the hospitalization position, particularly those with high blood pressure, are well tolerated in the first 10 days in a half-upright position
➤ in the front of the silicon in the nose there is usually a suture which passes completely the front part of one septum. Please do not try to position the silicon again or take it yourself. When you try, your life will burn.
➤ the feeling of sneezing in some patients may occur due to the contact of the silicone splints with the nose hairs. The mouth sneeze is the most straightforward. Sickness with too much sneeze is suitable for giving simple allergy pills.
➤ The consumption of hot, spicy, garlic, cherry products after surgery can lead to nasal bleeding, affecting hemorrhagic clotting and vessel size. For this reason, it should not be consumed from such products.
➤ after a deviation operation, you should not smoke for a few weeks and especially if you do not use alcohol for the first 10 days.
➤ you may feel a difference or drowsiness in your upper two teeth after surgery. Usually within a few weeks, this feeling is almost gone.
➤ The first week is late in the evening and early in the morning can be a rugged walk. The exercises should be done after the second week and the exercises with the lifting should be after the 3rd week. Raising the load by leaning beneath can cause serious blood pressure increase in the head area and start of nose bleeding.
➤ after the 4th hour after the surgery, patients usually become discharged after the anesthesia effect is over. Patients who wish can stay in the hospital for 1 day.
➤ post-operative nasal spray, moisturizing nasal drops, protective antibiotics, and a simple painkiller pill for use when needed. They will all tell you in detail after the surgery.
➤ After 1 week of surgery, silicone splints are usually removed and you can then take an airplane trip.
➤ Depending on the silicone splints after the surgery, your nose may appear normal (do not worry, it returns to normal when the silicone is removed). As in the nasal aesthetic surgery, there is no visible purple and facial palsy. Peripheral edema can be seen in patients with too much rest.
➤ you can use goggles after the first 2 weeks after the deviation surgery (if you have had an open technique cartilaginous surgery, you need to wait a few more months after the surgery)

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