Age Limits For Septoplasty Operation

Understanding the Age Limit For Deviated Septum Surgery

Age limit for septoplasty operation - How old can the septoplasty operation be done? - How early is the septoplasty operation performed? - How old can the septoplasty operation be done? - How early can the septoplasty operation be performed? - Age of septoplasty operation in children

During the septoplasty operation, curved cartilaginous areas of the nasal septum are cut and the nasal septum is made flat by removing or rectifying the curved cartilage.That is, surgical treatment is applied to the septum cartilages in the nose. This surgery is the most appropriate application to be done after nose development is complete. In some areas of the nasal septum are areas responsible for nasal growth or nasal growth points. Nose growth, usually in girls 18 years old men continue to 20 years. In the case of a serious nasal obstruction, nose surgery can be performed from the age of 17. Ideally, waiting for completion of the nose development is the most appropriate application. These age limits are generally used for nasal surgeries, except roughly turbinate radiofrequency operations.

In children with advanced nasal septum deviations causing nasal obstruction, "pediatric septoplasty operation" of limited cartilage resection is rarely performed.

Age Considerations for Septoplasty

Age Limits For Septoplasty Operation
Adolescents and Teens:

Septoplasty is generally considered for adolescents and teenagers, particularly if they are experiencing significant breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum. However, surgeons may exercise caution and evaluate the maturity of facial growth before recommending surgery to avoid potential impact on nasal development.


Septoplasty is commonly performed on adults experiencing nasal obstruction. The procedure can be safely carried out in adulthood, and age is not a strict limiting factor.

Elderly Individuals:

While septoplasty can be performed on elderly individuals, the decision is often based on overall health and the potential benefits of the surgery. Health conditions such as cardiovascular issues or compromised immune function may be taken into account.
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