Diamond-Shaped Wounds and Healing Properties After Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Operations

Healing The Wound Area After Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Release Surgery

The incision area of the diamond, which emerges immediately after the tongue tie and lip tie operation, is normally restored to the natural healing process, resulting in a mucosal healing from the outside to the center, resulting in the wound closure horizontally and partially restoring the lips or tongue. Regular stretching exercises (in the form of a tongue massage or lip tie exercise) to prevent this from happening prevent the wound edges in the vicinity of each other from approaching vertically and reappear tongue or lip tie as partially functional.

Dil bağı ameliyatı sonrası yara iyileşmesi - Dudak bağı kesilmesinden sonra yara iyileşmesi - Dudak bağı kesisi yara iyileşmesi - Dil bağı kesilmesi sonrasında elmas şeklinde yara yerinin iyileşmesi - Dil bağı masajının önemi - Dudak bağı masajının önemi - Dil bağı egzersizlerinin önemi - Diamond shaped wound healing properties after the tongue tie release surgery - Diamond shaped wound healing properties after the lip tie release surgery - Tongue tie treatment in İstanbul - Lip tie treatment in İstanbul - Tongue tie pulling up massage - Lip tie pulling up massage

The information I write here emphasizes how the tongue tie or lip tie really rests, and lip massage, tongue tie massage (or tongue tie exercise in adult patients) and lip tie massage.

Dr. Kotlow's free tongue area calculation ("free tongue section" or "free tongue") is roughly the distance between the tongue's beginning and the tongue's end (Kotlow Upper Lip Particle Classification, Coryllos Tongue Tie Classification ... you can browse the link). The normal tongue area, which normally should be more than 16 mm, is provided to keep the free tongue section as long as possible, depending on the wound stretching operations performed after tongue tie relase surgery and lip tie operation as above. When the Tongue tie massage is done on babies, it can be a bit difficult for the mother to say, "I feel irritated by my baby's wound again" or "the wound is torn." This whole world is offered this care. Please stretch your patient's tongue tie incision area and be patient!

After the tongue tie release surgery, the diamond-shaped wound tips are sewn together in the horizontal plane (tongue lengthening suture) even during surgery; tongue tie massage, tongue tie exercise and lip tie massage; it is inevitable that the wound site heals in the horizontal plane (which is actually the case if the tongue tie or lip tie goes out again or becomes functional).

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Before and after photos for office based tongue tie relase surgery operation

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