Drugs That Must Be Used After Septoplasty Operation

Medications Required Post-Septoplasty Procedure

After the Septoplasty operation - After the Septoplasty operation - Which drugs and how to use after the septoplasty operation? - What to do after Septoplasty operation - How to use nasal humidifier drugs after septoplasty operation? - Recommendations for nasal dryness after septoplasty operation - Nasal cleaning after septoplasty operation

After the septoplasty operation, different clinical and physician-related drugs may be recommended. Please consider the recommendations of your doctor. I generally prefer to use an internal nasal silicone splint instead of a conventional nasal pad in the nose because of its different advantages after the septoplasty operation in general. For this reason, I would like to summarize the post-operative drugs and their usage patterns that I frequently recommend to patients.

Drugs to be used after the septoplasty operation:

➤ Nasal moisturizing drops (nasal-nasal drops, rinopantine nasal drops)
➤ Ocean water spray (Sinomarin Adult Spray, Sterimar Spray ...)
➤ Pain relief tablets (we usually write paracetamol derivatives that do not affect bleeding time - Minoset tablet, Panadol tablet ...)
➤ Antibiotic tablets (although this issue is controversial, I usually prefer to write in order to have a foreign cismin in the nose and reduce the risk of infection), I write tablets containing cefuroxime axetil, like Zinnat tablet most often)
➤ Skin cream or pomades containing antibiotics (Bactroban pomat, Thiocilline skin pomade ...)

Usage patterns of drugs after Septoplasty operation:

➤ When dropping nose drops (2 drops in each nostril when the head is inclined backward), when you feel a drop of Vaseline, you should squeeze the ocean water spray into each nostril and spray the head forward. In this way, the back of the nose with blood, mucus and salty water should be spit from behind and cleaned in the nose. After waiting for 2 minutes, the inside of the silicones is dried and the nose moisturizing drops can be used while back to the head.
➤ In the event of pain, one tablet of paracetamol tablets may be used after meals three times daily.
➤ Antibiotics containing 500 mg cefuroxime axetil can be used in the morning and evening on the stomach and as a tablet
➤ Antibiotic skin pomade can be applied on stitches three times a day if there is a cut at the tip of the nose.
➤ After the surgery, the drugs can be started after the 4th hour after the surgery, when the anesthetic effect has passed, and after eating. There are clinics that recommend starting the pressure ocean waters the day after surgery (to reduce the nose bleed).

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