Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 16 - Does The Nose Become Clogged After Rhinoplasty?

Can I Have Nasal Obstruction After Rhinoplasty?

Do I have nasal congestion after rhinoplasty?

When the internal nasal silicone splint is used immediately after the nasal aesthetic surgery, patients can usually breathe well from their noses. However, within a few hours of progression, the inside of the silicon may become clogged with blood, crusts and currents. When simple oceanic waters are used, the nasal congestion usually goes away because the inside of the silicones is usually cleaned. Since classical tampons are not used, it is a great advantage to be able to breathe through the surgery. I do not like classic nose packings. Removing happening painful and bleeding from the nose and the patients they can not breathe as long as the classical nasal packings.

Long-term effects of rhinoplasty on breathing

As an ENT specialist, our aim in nose aesthetics is to make the nose functionally and aesthetically better. In order to open the anatomic strictures that can prevent breathing in the nose, deviation surgery, nasal turbinate procedures and endoscopic nasal surgeries can be performed as a standard practice during the operation. In the long term, nasal breathing and nasal congestion should be eliminated after the nasal surgery.

After the rhinoplasty surgery, clean the noses using ocean water spray at frequent intervals!

Internal Nasal Splint
Internal Nasal Splint

Nasal obstruction may occur due to snot, blood and other currents in the nose after rhinoplasty operation, and mucosal healing may be adversely affected. Trying to keep the hole in the nasal internal nasal splints open will allow you to have a more comfortable period in the early postoperative period.

Dr.Murat Enoz Talks About "Nasal Breathing After Rhinoplasty - Nasal Splint Cleaning"

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