Rhinoplasty Recovery Guide 👃 - 22 - When Should External Nasal Splint Be Taken After Rhinoplasty?

When Should The Thermoplastic Nasal Splint Be Removed After Rhinoplasty?

When should nasal cast be taken after rhinoplasty?

Nose splints of different structures are placed in the form of a mold on the nasal bone after the nose aesthetic surgery and sometimes nasal rasping. I usually external silicone based splint called that, "External Thermal Splint" or "Thermoplastic Nasal Splint" which allowing skin to the air transfer with holes, which softens throw them in hot water and would prefer to use the nasal splint hardens on contact with cold water.

External thermal splints soften when they are placed in hot water and take the mold of the nasal bone after being placed on the nose. Thereafter, the splint hardens upon pouring cold water and does not change its shape again. Nasal splints are useful in fixing nasal bones, reducing nasal edema, and protecting the nose against traumatic side trauma. In addition to the external splint, aluminum-based and classical gypsum-shaped nasal splints and nasal splints are available in the newly produced titanium structure.

It is generally appropriate to hold the nose splints for 7-10 days. It is very easy to remove and painless.

What Should Be Done If Nose Cast Falls Off or Displaces On Its Spontaneity? 

Especially in patients with thick and oily skin, the tapes and cast (or lateral nasal splint) placed on the nose may spontaneously come off or be removed before the doctor's control appointment. In this case, there is no need to worry, if it is not completely dislodged, you can slow down its fall completely by sticking horizontal tape on the cast and talk to your doctor. The tapes between the cast and the nose should not come into contact with water or a similar liquid and the tapes should be prevented from moving. It is not important that the cast stays in place for at least 5 days after the rhinoplasty operation and then slowly rises forward and comes out on its own. After the 7th day, the cast will be removed by your surgeon. 

What to Do if Nose Cast Falls Off?

The patient above stated that the aluminum cast placed on the nose started to separate spontaneously 2 weeks after the rhinoplasty operation, and in the side photo of the liner, it can be seen that the cast starts to come off and fall forward. It is not a very important situation, it will be enough to re-insert the tape and cast.

The information in this guide was prepared by Dr.Murat Enöz for patients who underwent rhinoplasty. 
You can find different opinions and suggestions from other clinics and doctors. Please take into consideration 
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